Thursday, September 23, 2021

Ragged Edges - Single 1967

 Hi to all ! First of all, I want to apologize that I could not warn about my absence from the blog ...

In January next year, our blog will be exactly 15 years old. Then, before deletion (many probably remember ..) it was called Wings Of Dream. 15 years is not a bad time and I would like our ship  stay afloat for a long time.

I'm very glad that Jose has appeared on our team. Many people know his wonderful blog, so we can hope that rare and original material will appear on our pages from time to time.

Among our readers there are people who have been sharing music archives with us for a long time. It's a shame that in the CBox side-bar these links go off the line very quickly. I have several options for solving this problem.

First, I would like to invite the authors of Cbox posts directly to the blog as authors. First of all, these are Aussie, Dusty and those who shared music with us ...

The second option is a subblog ( and in which you can leave simple, original links. For this, you also need to become an author. The blog is still in test mode. I think it will take me two or three days to complete the design.

And third, if I myself or the moderators of the OM blog will duplicate any links to archives that our readers share.

Friends. I will not hide, it becomes difficult for me to blog alone, to the extent, that you are used to ...Therefore, I need your help. The number of authors in the main blog will be limited and I first of all hope for the help of people whoalready have actually become authors. 

In the subblog, I believe, there may be more authors. But authorship for the sake of authorship is undesirable ...Write me (  who is ready to become a subblog author and periodically share music. 

Dusty, Aussie, please contact me ( I'm wondering which of the suggested options seemed acceptable to you.

Sorry again. All the best. And take care of yourself.

I'm waiting for your comments, remarks and suggestions  the proposed options. Is its worth it? Dmitrich

V.A. Mallorca Beat Explosión, Vols. 1 & 2 (Illa Sonora Blog)

Tuesday, September 21, 2021


Hola. Soy Jose Kortozirkuito, y algunos de vosotros ya me conocéis por mis dos blogs en acivo, y esto es para deciros que realmente estoy muy emocionado y lleno de miedo, después de recibir el E-Mail de Dmitrich invitándome a ser parte de este blog. Para mi es como un sueño, pues lo sigo desde el principo y a él le debo gran parte de mis conocimientos musicales. 
La respuesta ha sido afirmativa, aunque me asusta la responsabilidad de estar al nivel de este gran blog, sin duda uno de los mejores blogs musicales del mundo.
Lo que seguro aportaré será mi ilusión y entusiasmo, y con ello creo que todos podemos ser buenos amigos y disfrutar de nuestra pasión por la música.
Un gran problema para mi será mi desconocimiento de la lengua inglesa, así que tendré que usar el "Google Translate", así que perdón por los errores.
Deseadme suerte...¡Me va a hacer falta!
Saludos desde España

* * * * *

Hi friends. I'm Jose Kortozirkuito, and some of you already know me from my two active blogs, and this is to tell you that I am really excited and full of fear, after receiving the E-Mail from Dmitrich inviting me to be part of this blog. For me it is like a dream, because I have followed him from the beginning and to him I owe a large part of my musical knowledge. 
The answer has been affirmative, although the responsibility of being at the level of this great blog scares me, without a doubt one of the best music blogs in the world.
What I will surely contribute will be my illusion and enthusiasm, and with that I believe that we can all be good friends and enjoy our passion for music.
A big problem for me will be my ignorance of the English language, so I will have to use "Google Translate", so sorry for the mistakes.
Wish me luck ... I'm going to need it
Greetings from Spain

Thursday, August 05, 2021