Saturday, February 24, 2018

We 4 - In Action (1966)

From Stockholm

1965 Remember / Jane (Polydor, NH59706)
1966 You´re The One For Me / I Couldn’t Wait (Wrong title on track B “I Couldn’t Stay”, Nashville, NS847)
1966 You´re The One For Me / I Couldn’t Wait (Nashville, NS847)
1966 Oh Marie / Hey Girl (Nashville, NS850)

1966 In Action (Nashville, NSLPS30-105)

Bengt Lindqvist – Guitar (Born) Christer Hedin – Guitar (Born) Hans Edler – Vocals, Guitar (Born Mars 23, 1945) Jan Högberg – Bass (Born) Olle Landsell – Drums (Born)

Television and film appearances:
Drop-In, SVT1, 1966? (TV)

01 - Nashville Oh Marie
02 - I Should Be Happy
03 - Don't Go Away
04 - There's A Girl In Town
05 - The House Of The Rising Sun
06 - Hey Pretty Girl
07 - You're The One For Me
08 - My Baby's Walkin' Around
09 - In The Rain
10 - Boards And Cars
11 - Hey Girl
12 - I Couldn't Wait


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