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Heimatliche Klaenge - Native Sounds vol.147 - The Blue Cats

Heimatliche Klaenge - Native Sounds vol.147 
The Blue Cats

01 - 19Th Nervous Breakdown
02 - Hey Girl
03 - Please Return
04 - Balla-Balla
05 - Wenn die schoenen Maedchen schlafen geh'n
06 - Satisfaction
07 - Nowhere Man
08 - Ju Ju Hand
09 - Suddenly
10 - Get Off Of My Cloud
11 - The Yerk
12 - Okay, Okay
13 - Michelle
14 - Kommando Pimperle
15 - All You Need Is Love
16 - Carrie Anne
17 - Okay
18 - Welcome Rock'n Roll
19 - Hello Goodbye
20 - World
21 - Judy In Disguise
22 - Tin Soldier
23 - Nun ist es vorbei
24 - A Whiter Shade Of Pale
25 - Alternate Title
26 - Lady Madonna - (Mike, Ronny & Phips)
27 - Jackson - (Petra & Peter)
28 - Hang On Sloopy
29 - Honey Bee (Johnny)
30 - Juanita Banana (Johnny
31 - Nowhere Man (Johnny)
32 - Help
33 - Mr. Tambourine Man
34 - San Francisco (Tommy Kent)
35 - Mendocino
36 - Let's Take A Trip To The Moon
37 - Sugar Sugar
38 - Something
39 - Proud Mary
40 - Dizzy
41 - In The Year 2525
42 - Venus
43 - Michael And The Slipper Tree
44 - The Ballad Of John And Yoko
45 - Catherine
46 - Suspicius Minds
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VA - Star-Club Rock n' Twist Parade 1962

 VA - Sounds of the Star-Club (UNCUT 2012)

VA- Surfin' Germany

Status Quo - Aquostic (Stripped Bare) + Aquostic Stripped Bare-BBC

 Status Quo - Aquostic (Stripped Bare)  + Aquostic Stripped Bare-BBC (2014-10-22)
Quo Classic As You'Ve Never Heard 
 Them Before

01. Status Quo - Pictures Of Matchstick Men
02. Status Quo - Down The Dustpipe
03. Status Quo - Nanana
04. Status Quo - Paper Plane
05. Status Quo - All The Reasons
06. Status Quo - Reason For Living
07. Status Quo - And It's Better Now
08. Status Quo - Caroline
09. Status Quo - Softer Ride
10. Status Quo - Claudie
11. Status Quo - Break The Rules
12. Status Quo - Down Down
13. Status Quo - Rain
14. Status Quo - Rockin' All Over The World
15. Status Quo - Again And Again
16. Status Quo - Whatever You Want
17. Status Quo - What You're Proposing
18. Status Quo - Rock 'n' Roll
19. Status Quo - Don't Drive My Car
20. Status Quo - Marguerita Time
21. Status Quo - Burning Bridges
22. Status Quo - Rock 'Til You Drop
23. Status Quo - Rollin' Home (Bonus Track)


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VA -Free Flight (Unreleased Dove Recording Studio Cuts 1964-69)

The Dowlands - All My Loving

During the late '50s, David Dowland and Gordon Dowland were a harmony vocal duo from Bournemouth who were basically known as Everly Brothers imitators, similar to the Brook Brothers. Their sound was toughened up by the presence of a backing group that included Roy Phillips on guitar and drummer Chris Warman, and they were good enough to get signed up in 1962 by producer Joe Meek -- their debut recording, "Little Sue" b/w "Julie," was issued by Oriole Records, which released a string of follow-ups, including "Big Big Fella," "Breakups," and "Lucky Johnny," none of which were successful. By the end of 1963, the Dowlands were in a difficult bind -- they'd been emulating the Everly Brothers' sound professionally for years and were falling short commercially, while the Beatles, who also owed a great deal to the Everlys, were reshaping the music landscape around them. However, in 1964 -- rather late in the game from a British perspective -- the group reluctantly jumped on the bandwagon, finally getting onto the British charts for nearly two months with their cover of the Lennon-McCartney song "All My Loving." Indeed, that record became the group's first and only U.S. single when it was picked up for release on the Tollie label. As a result, they enjoyed a year of better bookings, especially on package tours throughout England, and a follow-up single might've given them the boost they needed to continue, but none was forthcoming. Meek later also produced their versions of "I Walk the Line," "Wishin' and Hopin'," and "Don't Make Me Over," the latter two of which were eclipsed by rival recordings by the Merseybeats and the Swinging Blue Jeans. Roy Phillips co-founded the Peddlers in 1964, and by the second half of the 1960s Keith Dowland had ceased performing regularly, though David Dowland kept working intermittently for another 20 years.

Cliff Bennett &The Rebel Rousers - 25 Greatest Hits

And update...+ 2 EP

If Cliff Bennett's debut album could've come out a year sooner than it did, it just might've pushed Bennett and his band the Rebel Rousers to the front rank of British Invasion acts, and maybe just a few steps from the top rank of British beat artists at home -- it's that good. Even listening to it decades after it was recorded, it holds up almost as well as the Beatles' second album, and a lot better than the best albums by any of their Liverpool contemporaries Gerry & the Pacemakers or Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas. In a way, it's not a surprise that the record should be this good, as Bennett was one of the most prodigiously talented singers on the British beat scene, and the album was a long time coming -- almost six years into his professional career. Lots of British beat acts tried to sound authentic, or at least comfortable doing American-style R&B. Some, like the Rolling Stones, the Who, the Small Faces, and the Pretty Things, made their stuff (or, at least, the vocals) sound almost more authentic than the real article; others, like the Beatles in their early days, did it on their own terms and made it sound as natural as if they'd spent years working clubs in New Orleans, Memphis, or wherever. On their self-titled first album, Bennett & the Rebel Rousers fit into the latter category. Supported more than ably by Howard Wendells' lead guitar and Mick Burt's highly underrated drumming, plus a pair of saxmen (Maurice Groves, Sid Phillips) and an organist (Roy Young) who were sympathetic to the materials, Bennett rose to the occasion of this debut long-player. His vocal range was phenomenal, and for sheer power he rivaled Paul McCartney -- in his lower register on "Make Yourself at Home" and his mid-range on "You've Really Got a Hold on Me," and then plunging into harder blues on "Ain't That Lovin' You Baby"; and the near-falsetto singing on "Steal Your Heart Away" is spellbinding. One can even forgive the cover of "Beautiful Dreamer," the kind of standard that was usual for the beat band to cover in those days, and they do a better job with it than one would expect. Producer John Burgess, who also worked with Johnny Kidd & the Pirates, evidently had learned by this time that it was best with one of these R&B-based acts to just get the band and the engineer on the same page and stand out of the way and let them do their stuff. However it was done, this is a piece of essential listening, and perhaps as quintessentially representative of the best of the British beat boom as any record this side of the Beatles' first two British LPs. And the only reason it doesn't get rated higher is that Bennett did even better work the next time out.


Cliff Bennettand The Rebel Rousers  - Try It Baby

Cliff Bennentt and The Rebel Rousers - She said Yeah 

Johnny Taylor&Les Strangers - French 60's EP Collections

Johnny Taylor - French 60's EP Collections 1997

JOHNNY TAYLOR & STRANGERS - 1963 - Le cha cha cha 
(FR-VEGA 12 012) mono 


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1 GB EP Collection... !!!

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1 GB EP Collection...

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1 GB EP Collection...

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1 GB EP Collection...

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1 GB EP Collection...

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1 GB EP Collection....

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1 GB EP Collection... 

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1 GB EP Collection...

United Travel Service - Wind And Stone

 1966 Pacific Northwest Garage, collection of all the band's rare 45's +five more, until now unreleased studio recordings, plus three home demos! All wrapped in a full color jacket w/4-page insert with detailed band history, rare photos, labels etc

John Reeves - 12-string rhythm, vocals
Dale Sweetland - drums, vocals
Ben Hoff - bass, lead guitar, vocals
Jim Richards - lead guitar 


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VA - Beat Party

Bobby Darin - Commitment (1969)

1. Bobby Darin - 01. Me & Mr. Hohner
2. Sugar. Bobby Darin - Man
3. Bobby Darin - 03. Sausalito (The Governors Song)
4. Bobby Darin - 04. Song For A Dollar
5. Bobby Darin - 05. The Harvest
6. Bobby Darin - 06. Distractions (Part 1)
7. Bobby Darin - 07. Water Color Canvas
8. Bobby Darin - 08. Jive
9. Bobby Darin - 09. Hey Magic Man
10. Bobby Darin - 10. Light Blue

 Bobby Darin had done some folk-rock before this 1969 album, most notably on his hit cover of Tim Hardin's "If I Were a Carpenter." Commitment, however, was his most out-and-out folk-rock album, or at least his most folk-rockish album. That was apparent not only in the music (which Darin wrote in its entirety), but also in the packaging, with his billing changed to "Bob Darin," and a photo of the singer with a moustache and jean jacket on the back cover. It's a pity, therefore, that the album wasn't too good. The backup playing is only functional and perfunctory in a generic late-'60s folk-country-rock fashion, and the songs are neither too melodic nor too incisive in their lyrics, even as Darin was obviously striving for meaning. It's not strictly folk-rock. "Light Blue" has some period trippy lyrics and pseudo-sitar. "Hey Magic Man" has some orchestral, occasionally vaguely psychedelic embellishments, and is a little more memorable and pop-friendly than most of the other tunes. Certainly the influence of another "Bob," Bob Dylan, is to the fore, whether blatantly, as in the bluesy harmonica-driven "Mr. & Mrs. Hohner," or more subtly. Darin, it must be pointed out, was not a folk dilettante: he'd recorded some folk material throughout his career, and given big breaks to players like Roger McGuinn and Jesse Colin Young before their entrance into folk-rock. In spite of its consistent sound and vision, in the context of Darin's entire career it's a curiosity, and not something he did nearly as well as he did pop, rock & roll, swing jazz, or standards.

Peter Reese And His Pages

I Walk the Lonely Night&Try Me Out - Ballroom Beat Vol 1-2

 Compilation - Ballroom Beat 1 : I Walk The Lonely Night

Compilation - Ballroom Beat 2 : Try Me Out

1. The Imp-acts - If I Were the Only One
2. Karl Stuart & The Profiles - Love of My Eyes
3. The Zephyrs - She Laughed
4. Dave & The Diamonds - I Walk the Lonely Night
5. Danny Adams & The Challengers - Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye
6. The Chevlons - It's My Problem
7. Ian Edward & The Zodiacs - This Won't Happen to Me
8. The Wackers - I Wonder Why
9. West Five - She Mine
10. Lee Bennett & The Sunliners - Poor Bachelor Boy
11. Mark Loyd - I Keep Thinking About You
12. Images - Head Over Heels
13. The Mighty Avenger - Hide Your Pride
14. The Druids - See What You've Done
15. Bobby Allen & The Commanches - Half As Much As You
16. The Midnights - Show Me Around
17. Brian Howard & The Silhouettes - The Worryin' Kind
18. Lee Castle & The Barons - Foolin'
19. Jynx - Do What They Don't Say
20. The Cyclones - Nobody
21. Bern Elliott & The Klan - Good Times
22. The Echo Sounds - Too Late Now
23. New York Public Library - Rejected
24. The League of Gentlemen - How Do They Know
25. The Rustiks - Can't You See
26. Marshall Scott Etc. - How It Ought to Be
27. Bobby Shafto - Love Love Love
28. Dean Ford & The Gaylords - Mr. Heartbreak's Here Instead
29. The Epics - My Little Girl
30. Peeps - Got Plenty of Love
31. Chris Sandford & The Coronets - Don't Leave Me Now
32. The Gobbledegooks - Now & Again
33. The Addicts - That's My Girl
34. Sammy King & The Voltairs - We're Through
35. Trendsetters Ltd. - Move On Over
36. Gidian - Try Me Out
37. Ricky Ford & The Tennesseans - Long Way from Love
38. Don Charles - She's Mine
39. The Showtimers - Don't Say Goodbye
40. The Pathfinders - I Love You Caroline

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Orange Colored Sky - Orange Colored Sky (1968)

ORANGE COLORED SKY’s roots go back to 1962, when Larry Younger formed The Fabulous Epics in Erie, PA. The Epics soon moved to New York City and became the house band at the world–famous Peppermint Lounge. Years later, Tom Hanks would call them The Wonders and tell their story in his film ‘That Thing You Do’.
The Younger Brothers (soon to become Orange Colored Sky) meet the Beatles at the Peppermint Lounge

Front row, L-R : George Harrison, John Lennon
Back row, L-R : Larry Younger, Walter Slivinski, Vinny Younger, Paul McCartney.

In 1968 the band moved to Southern California, was signed by Universal, and became ORANGE COLORED SKY. SKY hit big in Los Angeles, appearing in the movie "The Love God" with Don Knotts, in TV commercials with Petula Clark, on The Steve Allen Show, and in all the hot clubs. SKY soon became regulars at the Flamingo, Harrah's, and other major venues in Las Vegas, Reno, and Lake Tahoe.
In 1970 SKY replaced The Carpenters as Burt Bacharach's opening act. SKY also toured with Frank Sinatra and assisted Governor Ronald Reagan's re-election campaign.
SKY released the 45 RPM single "Help" in the early 1970's on the People label, but it was the B side, "Press A Rose", that placed on the national charts. Larry Younger and Tony Barry shared lead vocals; unfortunately, Larry's funky, soulful performance couldn't overcome People Records' business problems.
"Press A Rose" (PEOPLE 1007-B) was well on its way up the Billboard Hot 100 when the company declared bankruptcy.
Legendary producer Don Costa then brought SKY to MGM records, under the direction of future California Lieutenant Governor Mike Curb. At MGM, SKY recorded “Simon Zealotes” from the rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar”, arranged by Don Costa and released to U.S. radio stations three months prior to the appearance of the "Superstar" national cast album. The first eight bars of SKY's version of “Simon Zealotes” are unlike any other pop recording.
Bassist/vocalist Larry Parker joined SKY in 1974. By the 1980's many showrooms had been replaced by discotheques and SKY slowly disbanded.
The band reunited in the early 1990’s, and now includes bandleader Michael Chanslor (Susan Anton's longtime keyboardist / vocalist / conductor / arranger), bassist / vocalist Larry Parker, drummer / vocalist Dennis Edwards (formerly with Eric Burdon and Eddie Money), and guitarist / vocalist Tom Bethke. SKY founding member Larry Younger still makes an occasional guest appearance.
In 2005, ORANGE COLORED SKY is still rockin’, performing classic “feel-good” surf and rock music. SKY’s ‘Beach Boys Tribute’ continues to win new fans of all ages, and SKY is known to Southern California sports fans for their unique, a cappella performances of the “The Star–Spangled Banner” for the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center and for the Mighty Ducks at Arrowhead Pond.
ORANGE COLORED SKY appears with Jay Black (of Jay & the Americans) in Billy Crystal's “My Giant”, and can be seen and heard in the Academy Award-nominated film "Ghost World" starring Steve Buscemi and Thora Birch. 

1. The Sun And I
2. The Shadow Of Summer
3. Knowing How I Love You
4. Just Like Humpy Dumpy
5. I'm Taking Her Out To Dinner
6. Sometines
7. Every Day I Love You More
8. L.A. (Los Angeles)
9. Girl Of My Dream
10.Don't Do As I Do
11.Orange Colored Sky
13.Another Sky
15.Knowing How I Love You
16.The Sun And I
17.Sweet Potato

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Jeff Beck & The Big Town Playboys - Crazy Legs

Jeff Beck has made many strange albums, but none were ever quite as strange as this. With the Big Town Playboys offering support, Beck rips through 18 Gene Vincent numbers (not "Be-Bop-a-Lula," however), paying tribute to Vincent's guitarist, Cliff Gallup. Beck sounds terrific as he reconstructs Gallup's parts, but he doesn't add anything to the originals. Still, Crazy Legs is a fun listen and offers many insights into Beck's playing, if not Gallup's.