Friday, January 16, 2015

BEAT GIRL - John Barry, Adam Faith & Shirley Anne Field (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

With a teen cast starring Adam Faith, Gillian Hills (the English Brigitte Bardot) Peter McEnery, Shirley Anne Field and a young Oliver Reed, playing opposite the Corbusieresque architect David Farrar and seedy strip club owner Chrisopher Lee, Beat Girl is a vintage British exploitation movie.

The film owes much of its effectiveness to John Barry's impressive first film score - actually the first British original film soundtrack lp - with Vic Flick's savage twangy guitar presaging the Bond theme that was less than two years away.

Beat Girl explores prostitution, juvenile delinquency, beatniks, jazz music, French women and coffee bars. It has no plot but a lot of energy and invention with the young Adam Faith the personification of cool sixteen year- old Gillian Hills perfect in the title role.

01. John Barry - Beat Girl (Main Title)
02. John Barry - Off Beat
03. Adam Faith - I Did What You Told Me
04. John Barry - Lindon Home Rock
05. John Barry - Time Out
06. John Barry - Sharks
07. Adam Faith - Beat Girl Song
08. John Barry - City 2000 A. D.
09. John Barry - Stripper
10. John Barry - Cave - Beat Girl - Kids Stuff
11. Adam Faith - Made You
12. John Barry - Car Chase - Night Chase
13. John Barry - Chicken
14. John Barry - Blues For Beatniks
15. John Barry - It's Legal
16. John Barry - Immediate Pleasure
17. John Barry - Blondies Strip
18. John Barry - End Shot - Slaughter In Soho - Beat Girl (Main Title)

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