Sunday, January 25, 2015

Gonn - Frenzology (1966-1967 )


Like many garage bands of the '60s, the Gonn achieved (slight) international fame beyond anything they attained in their lifetime when their single "Blackout of Gretely" was rediscovered by collectors and reissued in the '80s. From Keokuk, IA, the Gonn released only a couple singles on tiny local labels in 1966 and 1967. Probably the toughest garage band in Iowa (not that there was an enormous amount of competition), the Gonn took their inspiration from the raunchiest aspects of the early Rolling Stones, adding the raw, throat-shredding screams that American groups of the kind were wont to use during this period.

One of the most collectible singles from the 60s garage band era is "Blackout Of Gretely," a rare as hen's teeth fuzz raver of epic proportions by the best and loudest band that ever came out of Keokuk, Iowa, the fabulous Gonn. With the belated interest of the collecting community, the band reissued the 45 and got back together for a reunion gig in 1990. Since that time, more tapes have surfaced, and the result is this exhaustive compilation. This rounds up all the tracks from the Bomp-Voxx vinyl collection, plus six more previously unissued things plus the live stuff (great version of "Oh Yeah"!!) plus two-count 'em-two booklets loaded with vintage photos and the complete history of the band. If true American bred fuzz garage band mayhem is your thing, you find much to love on this collection. 

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