Saturday, January 24, 2015

Phil & The Frantics - Rough Diamonds:The History Of Garage Band Music (1964-66)

One of the highlights of the early Pebbles volumes was Phil & the Frantics' "I Must Run," an obscure single which captured the early Zombies' sound with uncanny accuracy. The close resemblance, in fact, was no coincidence: so much of the melody and arrangement was lifted from the obscure Zombies' B-side "I Must Move" that the Frantics would have surely lost a plagiarism suit. The Phoenix-based band began as a much more frat-rock based act, adapting to the British Invasion sound after 1964. They recorded a few singles in the mid-'60s and scored a few local hits, "I Must Run" (which was produced by Waylon Jennings) being the biggest. Nothing else they recorded, however, was as memorable as that one Zombies ripoff.

Phil & The Frantics -  (1964-66)

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