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The Coastliners - Vintage Coastliners Recrdings (1965-1968)

The first half of the 1960s were the hey-days for Surf Music with a high percentage of bands being from California. Many of those bands also wrote songs about Skateboarding or what then was known as “Sidewalk Surfing” (I counted about 30 releases so far from that era, including bands from other genres). But there were also bands from such “exotic” places like Texas.

The Coastliners from Galveston, TX formed in 1964 and released their first 7” on Astro Records ( 109) in 1965. The record included the songs “The lonely sea” (Beach Boyes cover) and their own “Big Mike, the Sidewalk Surfer”, a story about a six-foot tall guy named Mike, who is the best skateboarder you have ever seen. When there?s no surf, he organizes a skateboard team and the chicks dig his tan.

The band recorded a few more 7” records in the 1960s, some of them with a nice garage-punk / power-pop influence. They changed their name to the U.S. Males in 1968 and released one more 7” before they split.
The Coastliners reformed in 1995 and still play together to this day. They also re-recorded “Big Mike” and released it on two of their new CDs: “Summer Love” (Dear Daddy Music, 2010) and “Double Sunshine” (Dear Daddy Music, 2012).

The Coastliners Still Making Waves 50 Years Later!

Fifty years ago, five Baytown boys (Tommy Meekins, Ozzie Hart, Bob Williamson, Wayman Lamb and Rex Kramer) got together and formed the Coastliners, who shot to fame on AM radio on the Gulf Coast with breezy, surfin’ flavored tunes like “She’s My Girl,” “Alright,” “Big Mike, The Sidewalk Surfer,” “I’ll Be Gone” and “California On My Mind.”
In 2014, original members Tommy and Ozzie are still rockin’ and Making waves with their music with Chris Blake and Jeremy Meekins.
When asked how if feels to be singing Coastliner hits 50 years later, Tommy simply states, “First of all, I’m still quite amazed that we are able to do it. There was never a thought when we began at age 18 that it was even possible to perform and sing, and for people to even have a desire to listen to our music 50 years later.
“The Beatles were writing songs like ‘When I’m 64,’ so growing old, according to one of the best bands that there ever was, was not particularly a proper thing. It was like, ‘When I’m 64, this is done.’ But I’m amazed mostly at the fact that the voice is still there, the performance is still there, and the desire of the people is still there. Many of the people, I believe, are even more excited about the Coastliners 50 years later than possibly they were when we were teenagers.”
The Coastliners’ music still appeals to the fans of the ‘60s music scene, because, Tommy notes, “‘60s music, and maybe the early ‘70s music, has been proven to be some of the best music that there ever was. You take Elvis (Presely), (Roy) Orbison, Buddy Holly, the Everly Brothers, Simon & Garfunkel, the Beatles, the Beach Boys and all of the bands that wanted to sound like these guys. It is just one of the most popular eras of music that ever was, and maybe ever will be.”
Although compared to the the Beach Boys from Hawthorne, California, whose surfin’ music swept the nation in the early ‘60s, Tommy downplays the comparison. “I never wanted to be a Beach Boy,” he says. “But yet, on the other hand, we had five guys that could play music. We had the keyboards, we had the drums, we had the guitars, we had the bass. We had five guys who could play instruments and sing, and we were known for a lot of those high vocal harmonies.”
The Coastliners have survived over the years, Tommy explains, “because we have our own original songs, and several of them were No. 1 in Texas cities back in ‘65, ‘66 and ‘67. ‘Alright’ was No. 2 in Houston, only to be beaten out by Elvis Presley’s ‘Puppet On A String.’ ‘She’s My Girl’ was many people’s favorite, and was written by Fred Carroll, who was our manager. He didn’t play music well, but he had a great ear for music, and he was a good songwriter. And then ‘I See Me’ and ‘I’ll Be Gone,’ and other songs that we wrote.
“Our records didn’t really sound just like the Beach Boys, even though we were always known as the Gulf Coast Beach Boys, or the Texas Beach Boys. We never named ourself that, this is what other people were saying about us, but yet we embraced the Beach Boys, probably some of our favorite music ever to listen to.”
Several events took place this year to honor the Coastliners, including a tribute to the group presented by the Texas Psych Garage. “The Texas Psych Garage just really embraced the Coastliners -- and the Coastliners have also embraced that group. On March 17, we did a major Texas Psych Garage happening at Birraopretti’s downtown, a great venue, and we were the headliners for that.”
Says Joe Baiardi, one of the founders of Texas Psych Garage, a group that honors the musicians of Houston of the ‘60s and ‘70s, “We hold concerts every year showcasing the groups that are still active and encourage reunions for bands that had broken up years ago and lost touch.
“The Coastliners were the highlight of our 2013 and 2014 Texas Psych Garage festivals at Birraopretti's downtown. They had everybody on their feet dancing and singing ‘Surfs Up,’ ‘Alright, Alright, Alright.’”
“We headlined the Texas Psych Garage’s first endeavor on June 3, 2013, and we also headlined the second one. Now they’re planning another big event. You get about 500 or 600 people under one roof that all have one thing in common, ‘Hey, we like these groups, we like this music!’”
Other performers on the show that evening included Houston music legends Roy Head and Neal Ford of Neal Ford & the Fanatics, and Fanatics’ Jon Pereles. “Neal Ford got up with the Coastliners. We did ‘Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll,’ which we just rocked out on, and he plays an awesome harmonica. He got up and it was just awesome. The people went wild over seeing the Coastliners and Neal Ford on the same stage, playing together, not competitively, just happy fun. The ‘60s was fun music.”
Others in attendance included Terri Sharp, Mack Hayes (Countdown Five), Bill Nash and the Larry Kane Show’s Glenn Pitts.
The City of Baytown honored the Coastliners on the group’s 40th anniversary, and they were inducted into the Bay Area Historical Museum. “They have a large display of all our records and memorabilia from the ‘60s.” And on the Coastlners’ 50th anniversary, Baytown Mayor Stephen DonCarlos proclaimed March 17, 2014, as “Coastliner Day” in Baytown, Texas, and the Greater Gulf Coast area. This was the second time that these Baytown boys were honored with their own day in their hometown.
“We’re looking forward to performing past 50 years,” Tommy says. “Right now we’re good. We’ve been doing country clubs, class reunions, Texas Festivals, and the BraunTex Theatre in New Braunfels. And we were amazed that people from all over the Hill Country came out to see the Coastliners.”
The Coastliner’s have a rich history in popular music, opening for the likes of the Beach Boys, Sonny and Cher, Roy Orbison, Marty Rbbins, the Byrds, the Four Tops, the Righteous Brothers, Billy Joe Royal, Tommy Roe and others. “I’m just so grateful and thankful that I got to be a part of something as big as the Coastliners in this Texas area at that time.” 

Vintage Coastliners Recrdings (1965-1968)

It was the summer of 1964 when five talented high school friends from Baytown, Texas joined together to form one of the Gulf Coast's most colorful and exciting musical groups. They called themselves The Coastliners.

They quickly became known for their tight five part harmonies and a sound that had everyone associating them with the West Coast surfing craze and a California group named The Beach Boys.

Thrilling audiences from South Padre Island to Miami Beach, The Coastliners performed in concerts with musical legends such as Roy Orbison, Sonny and Cher, The Beach Boys, Neil Diamond, The Righteous Brothers, The Four Tops and The Byrds just to name a few.

The Coastliners also recorded six top ten hits from 1964 to 1968. Two of their hits "She's My Girl" and "Alright" reached #1 in several major U.S. cities.

Today, The Coastliners are back and better than ever... priding themselves on creative and precise musical arrangements and tight four part harmony that distinguish The Coastliners as one of the premiere vocal groups in the nation.


What People Are Saying:

Vataga says, "Песня "Alright", впервые услышанная мной спустя несколько десятилетий после её издания на семидюймовой грампластинке, покорила меня с первого же раза. Это явный хит, который каким-то неисповедимым образом ускользнул от нашего внимания в середине 60-х... А ведь сей опус был достоин мировой ротации...."

Debra Duncan of the Debra Duncan Show says, "The Coastliners are a great sounding group and a blast to have on the show."

Mike Sandburg of Texas Sound Entertainment says, "The Coastliners are better than ever and their new CD is terrific! They are a Gulf Coast legendary group that will forever leave their footprints in the sand."

Christi Keller of Sienna Plantation comments, "The harmony and Beach Boy era music was an immediate hit at their first of many annual concerts in Sienna Plantation. BRING THEM BACK echoed the crowd at the Sienna Plantation Community Water Park. We want The Coastliners included in our concert series again. What a great way to wrap up the summer. And back they will come."

Disc Jockey Joe Ford of Oldies 107.5 - "I played their records in the 60's and I still get requests for several of their hit songs. I highly recommend The Coastliners for the Gulf Coast Hall of Fame."

Gene Smith, MGA President Goose Creek Country Club - "Once you hear The Coastliners you will want them back again. They have given six great performances at our club and we'll have them back again. Encore! Encore!"

Jeff Brookings, West Texas Cruisers - "The Coastliners have given four wonderful performances at our car show at Midland College here in Midland, Texas. They are a great group of guys that have touched our hearts with their classic rock sound." ...

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