Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Teemates - Jet Set Dance Discotheque + Movin' Out (EP1964)

L-R: Bobby Calumet, rhythm guitar; Byan Post, drums; Robbie Lundius, lead guitar; Rich Staff, bass. Front: Joe Shefsky.

The Teemates had never performed in public until their appearance at the 1964 World’s Fair—and their uncanny ability to sound like The Beatles—opened many doors for them.  Best known for their Jet Set Dance Disco LP, The Teemates also attracted the attention of Scott Muni and became the house band at his Rolling Stone Disco in New York.  The Teemates' popularity 40 years later still provides rhythm guitarist Bobby Calumet (nee Pulhemus) plenty of opportunities to perform, while bassist Rich Staff has happily settled into a life away from the music scene.

The Teemates - Jet Set Dance Discotheque Vol.4

The Teemates - Movin' Out (EP1964)

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