Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Tempters - First Album (1968) Japan

    This band was formed in suburb near Tokyo by schoolers in 1965. At first they played covers on "The Ventures'" and "The Rolling Stones'" songs, performing them on discoteques and in clubs. In 1967 "The Tempters" signed a contract with "Spiduction" management (they have "The Spiders" on contract too). Up to June 1968 the band released 3 singles. And in that month their first album began selling in music stores. It consisted a lot of songs covers. But their second and other albums were written by themselves. There were no any songs covers.
    "The Tempters" disbanded in December 1970. This was due to not actual and not expedient reason to continue. Because the GS movement was living its last days. Then vocalist and drummer along with formere members of "The Spiders" and "The Tigers" formed band called "Pyg"

Fantastic Lady Jane....


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