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The Wilde Knights (aka Furys,Piepers IV...) - Beaver Patrol - Rough Diamonds:The History Of Garage Band Music (1962-1968)

 A regional '60s garage band with a tangled history, the Wilde Knights were nevertheless in their brief lifespan responsible for two of the all-time garage classics. "Beaver Patrol," featured on Pebbles, Vol. 1, was perhaps the lewdest '60s garage single. They also recorded the original version of "Just Like Me," which Paul Revere bought from group member and co-songwriter Rick Dey for a few thousand dollars; Revere & the Raiders covered the tune in 1965 for their first really big smash.

The Wilde Knights themselves only issued a couple of singles, both in 1965. Prior to that, they had played under the names of the Furys and Pipers IV, releasing a couple of decent Northwest frat rock singles in 1962-63. After the Wilde Knights days, the lineup evolved into Genesis, King Biscuit Entertainers, and American Cheese, all of whom put out generic singles on various tiny labels in the late '60s. The best tracks from the whole menagerie of Wilde Knights-family bands were assembled on a reissue LP in the mid-'80s.

Only three of the 13 songs on this compilation were actually released under the Wilde Knights name (including "Beaver Patrol" and the original "Just like Me," which is tamer than the famous Paul Revere version). Side one was recorded by earlier versions of the band under the Furys and Pipers IV monikers; this is fairly tough Northwest frat rock, sometimes instrumental, with a prominent organ and R&B influence. Side two, after the Wilde Knights cuts, is filled out with a couple of pop/rock tunes by Genesis, and a bad hard rock thing by King Biscuit Entertainers. Certainly this is more of a document of a typical ensemble of the times than anything exciting or significant. But garage collectors will find some decent things here, although the two standout items ("Beaver Patrol" and "Just like Me") have been available on garage compilations. Includes extensive history by garage scholar Greg Shaw.

 The Furys turned into the Wilde Knights around 1965 and they (Rich and Rick) wrote and recorded the original "Just Like Me", that Paul Revere and the Raiders had a huge hit with.  Pat Benetar did a cover of "Just Like Me" as well.  In that same recording session in Los Angeles in 1965, they recorded "Beaver Patrol"  which was a little before it's time when it comes to being politically incorrect.  "Beaver Patrol" was covered by a British group called "Pop Will Eat Itself".  The Furys / Wilde Knights played many venues on the West coast including many night clubs in Los Angeles and San Francisco area.  In 1965  we opened for the Rolling Stones and the Byrds in San Jose, CA., and appeared with several other notables including The Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, Sonny and Cher, Bobby Bare (All American Boy), and Paul Revere and the Raiders.  A good history was written and appeared on an album of much of their music released on Voxx in 1984 called "The Wilde Knights".... Diamonds in The Rough... A History of Garage Band Music.

The Wilde Knights - Beaver Patrol

If there was ever an archetypical garage/punk tune then it would have to be "Beaver Patrol". Unless the meaning has changed significantly over the years I don't see how could ever have hoped to get any airplay with this song.

The album covers the evolution of this northwest band through their many incarnations from 1962 to 1968. Other than the title track there are no real standouts, most are rather tame pop and low tier garage rockers. It's an interesting chronicle of how musical directions were changing during this dynamic time.

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