Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Thursday's Children - Thursday's Children (1965-69)

 Thursday's Children - Thursday's Children 1965-69 (1989)

 Thursday's Children - Thursday's Children 1965-69 (1989)
Originally known as The Druids when they formed in Houston, Texas in 1964 they changed their name to Thursdays Children during 1965. The first 45 was quite an accessible punk affair, whilst their second and third were more British-influenced. After one final and disappointing rock and roll 45, drugs and the draft had accounted for many of the band and they regrouped as The Pointing Hand Group. This retrospective album on Voxx includes material spanning their career from 1965-69 with 45s, unissued and live material. It's the best source for their recorded output. -- [Vernon Joynson, Fuzz Acid & Flowers].

01 Try Girl
02 Help, Murder, Police [Version 1]
03 Help, Murder, Police [Version 2]
04 Bus Ride
05 You'll Never Be My Girl3
06 Working Girl
07 No More Rock & Roll
08 Hang On Sloopy
09 I Saw Her Standing There
10 Walking the Dog
11 Night Before
12 Mr. Tambourine Man
13 Money

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