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King Size Taylor & The Dominoes - Early Recording (1957-1958)

Kingsize Taylor and the Dominoes were a British rock and roll band, formed in Liverpool in the late 1950s. One of the first beat groups in the Merseyside area, they were a locally popular and influential group who were contemporaries and rivals of The Beatles, and featured Cilla Black as a singer before her solo career, but had little commercial success except in Germany.

Kingsize Taylor and the Dominoes appeared regularly at many local venues, especially St Lukes Hall, Crosby (also known as the ‘Jive Hive’). On many occasions, Cilla Black, Ted’s girlfriend at the time, would get up on stage and sing with the band and at one time was going to become a permanent member. In 1962 they

appeared at the ‘Star Club’ and proved so popular, were offered a residency. Drummer Dave Lovelady had taken time off from his architectural studies to appear for the short season but couldn’t remain for the residency. Ted offered Ringo Starr £20 a week to take over from Dave and Ringo accepted, a couple of days later Ringo wrote and said he had been offered £25 a week to join The Beatles and had accepted the offer, Brian Redman eventually replaced Dave on drums.

‘Kingsize’ was one of the best vocalists to come out of the ‘Mersey Scene’, the group had a strong repertoire of obscure but brilliant American rock ‘n’ roll songs Ted had somehow managed to find. The group spent a lot of time in Germany performing in Hamburg, Kiel and Berlin, a decision they felt (some years later) caused them to miss out on the Mersey Beat boom. When they did return to the UK to appear on a Chuck Berry Tour in 1964, they made an appearance on the popular television show ‘Ready, Steady, Go!’ performing ‘Stupidity’, a single released by Decca, which reached the No.1 spot in Germany. After a ‘trivial quarrel’, about which no-one can remember, The Dominoes split from ‘Kingsize’.

Ted Taylor had a very distinctive voice, his group were among the best to emerge from Liverpool and were superior to many of the groups who had found recording success in the ‘sixties’

King Size Taylor & The Dominoes - EARLY RECORDING


The quality is not the best standard, but I think it's a milestone in British Rock 'n' Roll history from Liverpool's first Rock 'n' Roll Band. It's very rare material and we must work with damaged records and tapes.

1957 - 33 RPM - LP
01 - Whole Lotta Shaking Going On - (Vocals by Arthur)
02 - Baby - (Vocals by Charlie; this was his own composition)
03 - Great Balls Of Fire - (Vocals by Arthur)
04 - Guitar Boogie - (Instrumental performed by Charlie)
05 - Roll Over Beethoven - (Vocals by Arthur)
06 - So Long - (Vocals by Arthur)
07 - I Want You To Know - (Vocals by Arthur)
08 - Mean Woman Blues - (Vocals by Arthur)
09 - Autumn Leaves - (Instrumental performed by Charlie and George)

1958 - 33 RPM - LP
10 - Lend Me Your Comb - (Vocals by Teddy)
11 - Matchbox - (Vocals by Teddy)
12 - Good Golly Miss Molly - (Vocals by Teddy)
13 - Whole Lotta Shaking Going On - (Vocals by Charlie)
14 - Guitar Boogie - (Instrumental performed by Teddy)
15 - Shortnin' Bread Rock - (Vocals by Charlie)
16 - Roll Over Beethoven - (Vocals by Teddy)
17 - Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey - (Vocals by Teddy)
18 - Your True Love - (Vocals by Teddy)
19 - Guitar Boogie - (Instrumental performed by Charlie)

1958 - 78 RPM - EP
20 - Saw My Baby With Another Guy - (Vocals and written by Teddy)
21 - Instrumental -  (written and played by Teddy)
22 - Instrumental -  (written and played by Sam)

1958 - 78 RPM - EP
23 - Oh, My Soul - (Vocals by Sam)
24 - Baby - (written by Charlie, vocals by Bobby)
25 - Sad And Blue -  (written by Sam, vocals by Teddy)

Live London BBC  1963
101 - Intro Memphis (with Juck Berry)
102 - It's Late
103 - Sweet Little Sixteen (with Juck Berry)
104 - Interview - Nadine (with Juck Berry)
105 - My Blue Heaven
106 - Herman The Hermit
107 - Shake Baby Shake
108 - Jump Back

201 - Interview with King Size Taylor Febr. 1987

1957 - 1958 The Dominoes
Cliff Roberts - drs
Georg Watson - gtr
Charlie Flynn - gtr
Sam Hardie - piano
Arthur Baker - voc

Cliff Roberts - drs
Georg Watson - gtr
Charlie Flynn - gtr
Sam Hardie - piano
Arthur Baker - voc
Ted (King Size) - Taylor
Robby Thompson - bs

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