Monday, February 16, 2015

Ro-D-Ys ‎– The Complete Collection

The Ro-d-ys were from the northern part of The Netherlands and were formed somewhere around 1965. The name Ro-d-ys was chosen after they heard there already was a band called The Rowdies.
There very first single, released in 1966 flopped saleswise but got a lot of airplay. Their lucky break came with the follow up single "Take Her Home" in 1967. The succes continued with their best known single "Just Fancy" which was a hit late summer/early autumn 1967. In 1968 more quality singles were met with increasing lack of succes and after one more failed attempt with the beautiful and haunting single "Winter Woman" early 1969 the group called it quits. They released two albums, "Just Fancy"in 1967 and "Earnest Vocation" in 1968.
If you like sixties rock with influences from The Beatles, The Kinks & The Yardbirds then this is it. This set is also perfect if you are a completist! All of The Ro-d-ys' singles, A- as well as B-sides and album tracks are collected on these two discs.
The bonus tracks are from the post Ro-d-ys era when the group after a lean period hitwise fused with a Dutch group called Zen who had a similar style and also had gone through some hard times.

Bennie Groen (drums)
Harry Rijnbergen (guitar, vocals)
Joop Hulzebos (guitar, keyboards)
Wigger Kenter (bass, trumpet, vibrafone)
Dick Beekman (drums)
Richard Derksen (vocals)
Willem van Meegen (drums)
Annet Hesterman (vocals)

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