Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sean Buckley Set - Hit House Hits (1966)

Originally Sean Buckley & the Breadcrumbs, this British group were: Sean Buckley (vo), Colin Banyard, Kevin Sheehan (gt), Vince Nichols (bs) and David Simmonds (dr). In early 1966, they also released an entire album of international hits in Germany, "Hit House Hits".

Sean was the lead singer with a '60's band called the Sean Buckley Set. Originally named as Sean Buckley and the Breadcrumbs!.

n 1962/3, Dagenham guitarists Vince Nichols and Kevin Sheehan, sharing a passion for American R'n'B, formed rock band The Boys.

Local singer Sean Buckley joined them a year later, closely followed by drummer Dave Simmonds, also a Dagenhamite,
and bass-player Colin 'Doc' Banyard from Elm Park. With this line-up the Breadcrumbs were formed.
From 1966, with a name-change to The Sean Buckley Set, they travelled further afield, Spending long periods in Frankfurt, Copenhagen,Lyons, Avignon and Munich, where an album of covers,'Hithouse Hits', was cut for Polydor.


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