Friday, February 20, 2015

The Bats (Germany) - Twist-Time Im Star-Club Hamburg

The Bats evolved from the very active scene in Hamburg- Bramfeld in the early Sixties. Towards the end of the Fifties Skiffle groups turned into the first amateur Rock 'n' Roll bands all over Hamburg. An Indonesian, Peter Bosch, alias Pit Kooy, came to Hamburg in 1947 when he still was a young boy. He grew up in Bramfeld where he played bass for Long Erwin And His House Rockers after his first tries with the four string 'Peter Kraus Guitar'. The bandleader Erich 'Long Erwin' Goetze came via Peter And The Outsiders as drummer for the Tonics....
.... The Bats knew the Beatles from their time at the Kaiserkeller. Bosch: "They were pretty average musicians, but they were all good singers. For example Paul McCartney, whenever he did his Little Richard act, you really thought it was Little Richard standing there. John was more of a Chuck Berry and George did Eddie Cochran quite well..." ... Read more...

1 - Too Much Monkey Business
2 - Doo Wah Diddy Diddy
3 - Poison Ivy
4 - Jack the Ripper
5 - Come On
6 - Just Like Me
7 - House Of The Rising Sun
8 - Sticks And Stones
9 - I'm A King Bee
10 - Tallahassee Lassee
11 - Carol
12 - Can I Get A Whitness
13 - Boys
14 - Walin'  The Dog
15 - Little By Little
16 - 409
17 - Summertime Blues
18 - Shake Shake
19 - You Really Got Me

Bonus 45' a+b side
20 - Carol
21 - Cheat Cheat
22 - So What
23 - Shake Shake Slop Slop
24 - Money (gib mir liebe)
25 - Then I Got Everything
26 - Hey Baby
27 - Got A Girl
28 - I'm So In Love With You

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