Saturday, February 07, 2015

The Fourmost - First and Fourmost (1965)

Lead guitarist / singer Brian O' Hara and bass guitarist / singer Billy Hatton, friends since grammar school, formed The Blue Jays in 1958. The group changed their name to the Four Jays, and made their debut at the Cavern Club on March 1, 1961, nearly three weeks before The Beatles. Rhythm guitarist/ singer Mike Millward joined the Four Jays in November 1961, followed by the drummer/singer Dave Lovelady in September 1962. In the summer of 1963, the group -- now called The Fourmost -- signed a management contract with Brian Epstein. This led to their being auditioned by George Martin and signed to EMI's Parlophone record label. NEXT:
Official Site of The Fourmost:
1-Something s Got A Hold On Me Mon
2-Till You Say You ll Be Min
3-Yakety Yak
5-My Block
6-So Fine
7-SomeKind Of Wonderful
8-The Girl Can"t Help It
9-Today Im In Love
10-The In Crowd
11-Baby Sittin Boogie- !!!!
12-Heebie Jeebies
13-Sure To Fall In Love With You
14-Bound To Lose My Heart
15-Something`s Got A Hold On Me

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