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The Magic Lanterns - Shame, shame (1968-1971)

With a name like the Magic Lanterns, one would expect a late-1960s band that might reflect the psychedelic side of the era's music — when first heard of in 1968, they seemed to fit in with groups like Strawberry Alarm Clock and other trippy-sounding acts (what Bleeker Bob's in New York calls "Lounge Acts That Dressed Cool"), promising their own brand of incense and peppermints. Instead, the Magic Lanterns were a pop/rock outfit, closer in spirit to the Tremeloes or Marmalade and apart from the exquisite pop-psychedelia of "Impressions of Linda," their music was mostly straight-ahead upbeat pop/rock, which doesn't mean they weren't good, just less adventurous than one might expect. A Manchester-based band that never saw the success of ... Read More...

"Ozzy" Osbourne,
"Bev" Beveridge,
Pete Garner (vocals, guitar);
Jimmy Bilsbury (vocals, piano);
Harry Paul Ward (vocals, drums);
Albert Hammond (vocals).

The main claim to fame of the Lanterns, besides the hit 1969 single 'Shame Shame,' was the inclusion of future stars, Albert Hammond & Black Sabbath' lead vocalist Ozzy Osborne. Over the course of the band's career between 1968-1971 the Magic ... Full DescriptionLanterns released three albums in their native UK with only one being released in North America (on the Atlantic label). This collection contains highlights from all three albums including the hit 'Shame Shame' from the album of the same name & the only album to contain Ozzy as a band member. Includes eight non-LP tracks, 'Melt All Your Troubles Away', 'If You Don't Know Me By Now', 'Country Woman', 'I Don't Wanna Go To Sleep Again', 'Stand For Your Rights', 'Caught In The Act', & 'You Ring A Bell'. BR Records. 1995.

By Mike Reed (USA)

This review is from: Shame Shame (Audio CD) Of all the various sources that I've been informed that this was Ozzy's pre-Sabbath band,I've heard it DIRECT from a rep. at the label,BR Music that Ozzy was never with the Lanterns.The Magic Lanterns existed only from 1968-71 and put out three decent lp's that combined elements of soul and innocent-sounding pop.The Manchester,UK band managed to score a decently received hit,"Shame Shame",but the tune really isn't their best,by any means.With a total of twenty-four tracks,the ones that I dug the most were "Another Place Another Time","Frisco Annie",the soulful "Let The Sunshine In","Carolina Brown","Country Woman","Never Gonna Trust My Heart Again" and their should've-been-a-hit "Highway Dreams".The disc gets better as it progresses.Two similar classic lp's:Beach Boys-'Today' and the Buckinghams-'Kind Of A Drag'. Comment Permalink Was this review helpful to you?


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