Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Palace Guard - The Palace Guard

 While the Palace Guard never found any real fame beyond their hit "Falling Sugar and a residency at the 1960s Los Angeles hot spot Hullabaloo, this collection does include the rest of their high points, if only for posterity. the Palace Guard dressed in matching uniforms of indiscriminate military origin, and were known to don furry headgear similar to the British Beefeaters. While these gags were obviously not keys to success, they make for some wonderfully kitschy photos. One of these graces the cover of retro indie Gear-Fab's straight reissue of the Palace Guard's only full-length album, a self-titled 1966 release that originally appeared on Cameo/Parkway. "Falling Sugar" is here, as well as lesser-hits like "Greed." The collection might be worth purchasing for their cover of the David Gates written Monkees' tune "Saturday's Child" alone, a surprisingly gritty garage number with cool high-low harmony vocals, and a slight touch of the psychedelia that would have been creeping into the scene at that time. the Palace Guard is worth looking into by any fan of 1960s rock, or collectors eager for an underground find.

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