Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Royal Guardsmen - Anthology 2

JANCYs self make   Anthology 2. .
both is the complete recording output from this group + The Real Story About Snoopy / The Red Baron

The Royal Guardsmen from Ocala, FL — Bill Balough (bass), John Burdette (drums), Chris Nunley (vocals), Tom Richards (guitar), Billy Taylor (organ), and Barry Winslow (vocals/guitar) — enjoyed their brief reign of pop fame in 1966-1968 by recording a series of songs taking off from the Peanuts cartoon character Snoopy and his fantasy about aerial dog fighting with German World War I flying ace Baron Von Richthofen. The million-selling "Snoopy Vs. the Red Baron" was the first and most successful of these novelty records in the fall of 1966, and its follow-up, "The Return of the Red Baron," also made the Top 40.

"Snoopy's Christmas" topped the seasonal charts at the end of 1967. After a few non-Snoopy singles were less successful, the Guardsmen released "Snoopy for President" in the summer of 1968, but the fad was over. The group scored a final Top 40 hit with its two-year-old, reissued debut single, "Baby Let's Wait," in the winter of 1968-1969. The original group split in 1969; a version with some replacement members continued for another year.


1 - Liberty Valence
2 - Bears
3 - Peanut Butter
4 - Battle Of New Orleans
5 - Bo Diddley
6 - Roadrunner
7 - Sweetmeants Slide
8 - Alley-Oop
9 - Lil' Red Riding Hood
10 - Jolly Green Giant
11 - So Right (To Be In Love)
12 - It Kinda Looks Like Christmas
13 - I Needed You
14 - Quality Woman
15 - I'm Not Gonna Stay
16 - Gimme Some Lovin
17 - I Need You Girl
18 - Cry Like A Baby
19 - Bonnie & Clyde
20 - By The Time I Get To Phoenix
21 - Bottle Of Wine
22 - Come On Down To My Boat
23 - Simon Says
24 - Honey
25 - Yummiy, Yummy, Yummy

The Real Story About Snoopy / The Red Baron
26 - Story Of The VS. The Red Baron
27 - Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron
28 - Story Of The Return Of The Red Baron
29 - Return Of The Red Baron
30 - Story Of Snoopys Christmas
31 - Snoopys Christmas

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