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The Swinging Blue Jeans - Complete LP Part 1

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Although they're only remembered today for their 1964 hit "Hippy Hippy Shake," the Swinging Blue Jeans were actually one of the strongest of the Liverpool bands from the '60s British Invasion. "Hippy Hippy Shake" -- a cover of an obscure '50s rocker that was actually done much better by the Beatles on tapes of their BBC performances -- was their only Top 30 entry in the U.S. But the band enjoyed some other major and minor hits in the U.K., including a top-notch Merseyization of Betty Everett's (and later Linda Ronstadt's) "You're No Good," which they took into the British Top Five in 1964. They also wrote some catchy and energetic, if slightly sappy, originals in the purest Merseybeat style. While it doesn't add up to an enduring legacy, there's a lot to be said for the naive energy of the best of their early tunes.
-It's Too Late Now" / "Think of Me" (HMV POP 1170, 1963)
-"Hippy Hippy Shake" / "Now I Must Go" (HMV POP 1242, December 1963)
-"Good Golly Miss Molly" / "Shaking Feeling" (HMV POP 1273, March 1964)
-"You're No Good" / "Don't You Worry About Me" (HMV POP 1304, May 1964)
-"Don't Make Me Over" / "What Can I Do Today" (HMV POP 1501, January 1966)
-"Tremblin'" / "Something's Coming Along" (with Kiki Dee, Madeline Bell), (HMV POP 1596, July 1967
LP Blue Jeans A Swinging - 1964
LP Hippy Hippy Shake US - 1965
LP  Shakin' Time - 1965
LP  Live aus dem Cascade Beat Club in Kцln -1965
LP 1966 Don't Make Me Over - 1966
Lp  Hippy Hippy Shake Bellaphon - 1976
LP 1974 Brand New And Faded Telefunken / Dart - 1974
Sg Hansa International
LP Blue Jeans A Swinging - 1964
1 - Ol' Man Mose
2 - Save The Last Dance For Me
3 - That's The Way It Goes
4 - Around And Around
5 - It's All Over Now
6 - Long Tall Sally
7 - Lawdy Miss Clawdy
8 - Some Sweet Day
9 - It's So Right
10 - Don't It Make You Feel Good
11 - All I Want Is You
12 - Tutti Frutti
LP Hippy Hippy Shake US - 1965
13 - Wasting Time
LP  Shakin' Time - 1965
14 - Hippy Hippy Shake
15 - Now I Must Go
16 - Shaking Feeling
17 - You're No Good
18 - Good Golly Miss Molly
19 - Don't You Worry About Me
20 - Shake, Rattle And Roll
21 - Too Late Now
22 - Think Of Me
23 - Shakin' All Over
24 - Do You Know
25 - Angie
The Swinging Blue Jeans were near the top of Liverpool's rock & roll bands, although Americans who've only heard their pile-driver-textured Top 30 version of "Hippy Hippy Shake" (utterly unrepresentative of their sound or range) might wonder at that statement. This album provides the evidence -- ironically, with a little better choice of material, it would rate very close behind the With the Beatles LP as a fresh and brilliant piece of music-making, and even as it stands, it's not too far behind. In order to fully appreciate Blue Jeans a' Swinging, you have to put yourself back in 1964. Liverpool and the rest of the north are filled with acts that can thump away hard, or harmonize pleasingly, but only a handful that can do both, and even fewer that can do both well, and most of those, apart from the Beatles, can't decide if they want to be the Everly Brothers or Chuck Berry. The Beatles knew that with a little care, they could be both -- and based on the evidence on this album, the Swinging Blue Jeans were of the same mind and had the talent to pull it off. Blue Jeans a' Swinging features punchy, crunchy rhythm guitar, jangling lead guitar, some pretty raw singing by all four bandmembers alternating with decent harmonizing. There are also a few offbeat song choices, starting with the opening track, "Ol' Man Mose." Their cover of "Save the Last Dance for Me" is a credible rendition of a contemporary Drifters hit, and their versions of "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" and "Long Tall Sally" are solid pieces of rock & roll. Their Buddy Holly-like versions of the Hank Marvin-Bruce Welch songs "That's the Way It Goes" and "Don't It Make You Feel Good" have enough hooks that either could've been a single and a hit; the ballad "All I Want Is You," dominated by the quartet's harmony vocals, sounding even more like Holly. The band reaches back further than the Shadows, covering, "It's All Over Now," an offbeat lament written by Wally Whyton of the Vipers Skiffle Group-this is their "Ringo Starr number, " slightly goofy, with a vague country-ish tint. Even the one original here, a group composition called "It So Right," is a good rock & roll number with acceptably clever wordplay. Only their version of the Boudleaux Bryant "Some Sweet Day" seems flaccid and second-rate. That flaw aside, this is one of the best rock & roll albums of its era to come out of Liverpool.

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