Thursday, February 26, 2015

VA - The Ikon Records Story (1964-1966)

VA - The Ikon Records Story: America's #1 Unsung Garage Label 1964-1966

(2-CD set) The Ikon Records Story is another lavish double disc set, this time focused on one of the most obscure yet enigmatic independent labels of the mid-1960s: Sacramento's Ikon Records. Ikon Enterprises was a studio and production set-up based in California's capital that existed for just a brief few years between 1963 and 1966, yet was ground zero for every teenaged aggregation that could convince their parents to fork over the cash needed with which to enshrine their progeny's adolescent warblings on a shiny vinyl 45s. These cool, cryptic items, issued on the studio's custom label, are impossibly rare discs that feature pure, unadulterated teenaged mid-1960s rock'n'roll in its varying forms, whether they be surf, R&B, instrumental, folk-rock, raw garage, Brit-Inv, or spy-themed novelty. Several Ikon singles are coveted items within the rarified echelons of garage-collectordom: those by Madd, Inc, the Knightsmen, Prophets, Shondells and others are singles that regularly fetch big bucks on the very few occasions they are ever offered for sale. The Ikon Records Story has been in the works for many years, but the recent serendipitous discovery of all the labels cutting masters for Ikon releases now enables the Frantic team to deliver up an unprecedented 60 tracks of primo material, virtually all reissued for the first time, and thus unlike most archival collections, the sound quality is second to none. Additionally, various band members have opened their files to provide unreleased material, as well as fill in the story behind this mysterious imprint. The 28-page full color booklet is jammed to the gills with photos and memorabilia, in addition to a lengthy note from top garage expert Alec Palao examining the Ikon saga in tremendous detail.


  1. Dmitrich! I was just thinking of you so glad you are back.

  2. We're came out of the darkness BabbaZee...))) Mutually glad to see you.

  3. The last 2 years there has been a lot of darkness to come out from for me and for many of the good people I know all over this crazy world.
    I wonder why... anyway we always manage to come back especially when they think we never will!
    Rock and Roll!

  4. Thank you for this music new for me.


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