Monday, March 30, 2015

Célia Vilela - 2 in 1

Cylia Villela started discogrbfica career in 1955 and recorded some 78 RPM discs aty become part of the first gerazgo the Brazilian Rock around 1960. In that year he recorded his two big hits: "Talk on the phone," versgo Fred George for "Pillow Talk" (Peper and James), and "Love Train" Likewise, it versgo Fred George for "One Way Ticket To The Blues" (H. Hunter / J. Keller), both in the same lanzadas 78 RPM record by GERD, and inclundas the first LP Cylia, "And Viva Youth !!!" lanzado in 1961. The second LP Cylia Villela, "F-15 Space" was only  in 1964. Had the TV show " Cylia, Msica and Youth "on TV Continental Rio de Janeiro, alym of" In Rock Wheel "by Rbdio Globe, having transferred to after aa Rbdio Guanabara. Married musician Carlos Becker, former member of The Angels group and its irmgo, Sergio Becker. He abandoned his career before the Young Guard burst and from entgo became reclusive, and vehemently refused to give his testimony on Histuria the Brazilian Rock to Albert Pavgo in 1987, despite several attempts to contact the musician singer. He died in 2005 in Petrupolis.Petrupolis.

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