Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Buttons - The Buttons (1970)

"Fantastic fuzz/psych Brazilian band which sounds like “Liquid Smoke” added some exotic latin elements (percussion) ..."

The band, The Buttons, evolved out of a surf-y instrumental group called Os Botoes, recording this psychedelic pop album with English-language lyrics and lots of fuzzy guitar riffs and bouncy rhythms. Although I'm not necessarily a fan of Brazilian bands that don't sing in Portuguese, this disc does have a catchy feel. Very much in keeping with the Youngbloods/Three Dog Night/Turtles pop of the era, and worth a spin, I suppose, although you don't need to strain yourself tracking this down. Apparently the band kept changing its name and morphed into an act called The Union, which recorded an album in 1973. They also backed singer Dave Maclean (who may or may not be on this album... anyone now for sure?) on his first album, which produced a hit song with the (English language) song "Me And You," which was used as the theme to a popular '70s telenovela, "Ossos Do Barao." Go figure. Of course, various members of this band worked with other '70s rockers, though this album was their main claim to fame.

The band released only one album through RCA on early 1970 
and disbanded in the same year

Personnel: Joe (vocal, guitars); 
Charlie (guitar, vocal); 
Nelson (organ, percussion, vocals); 
Sidney (bass); 
Alaor (drums, percussion)

Dave MacLean - Me and You (1973) 7"

Soft pop singer Dave Maclean was born in Brazil, but adopted an international sound. Primarily crooning in English, he made his name as a wimp-rock balladeer along the lines of David Gates or Morris Alpert. Weird career trajectory, if you ask me, but it worked for him: he scored big with the song "Me And You," which became the theme song for a '70s telenovela, while his song "We Said Goodbye," was marketed to targeted audiences throughout Latin America and Europe, as was his version of the song, "Feelings." Maclean became a success throughout Latin America and made records for decades. 

It great sound deserves attention...


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