Thursday, March 26, 2015

VA - Mersey Beats Of Liverpool 1

Here are a couple of CD's I made of "The Mersey Beats of Liverpool" on the ARC Record label from Canada.  In the sixties, ARC of Canada were involved with Oriole Records of England.  As you know Oriole had all of the Embassy tracks at that time.  ARC released four albums of Embassy "sound-a-likes".  They were ARC International 830, 834, 837 and 850.  They used the group name "Mersey Beats" for all the "Typhoons, Jaybirds, and Starlings" tracks, they did give some credit on the albums to some of the individual artists, (Les Carle, Mike Redway, Paul Rich, and Joan Baxter).


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  1. Thanks again D&J, for the download