Friday, March 06, 2015

VA - Oldies, Goodies And Woodies (1964 2011)

VA - Oldies, Goodies And Woodies (1964 2011)

Originally released in 1964, this compilation focuses on the more obscure surf-rock bands 
that populated the California coast in the mid 1960's. 
Along with the highly influential Challengers, this compilation features 
The Vibrents, The Busy Bodies, The Gladiators, The Beach Girls, and Tom Starr & The Galaxies. 
Finally available in the digital domain, all selections have been newly remastered.

01 - The Busy Bodies - Diamonds
02 - The Challengers - Spanish Harlem
03 - The Galaxies - Chief Lado
04 - The Beach Girls - Bobby's The Boy
05 - The Gladiators - Istanbul Not Constantinople
06 - The Vibrents - Wildfire
07 - The Challengers - Man Of Mystery
08 - The Galaxies - Runaway
09 - The Beach Girls - He's My Surfin' Guy
10 - The Busy Bodies - Foot Tapper
11 - The Gladiators - Limbo Rock
12 - The Vibrents - Goofy Foot

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