Sunday, September 06, 2015

The Staccatos & The Five Man Electrical Band - First Sparks: The Anthology (1965-1969)

 The Staccatos (Brian Rading, Les Emmerson, Rick Belanger, Vern Craig)were formed in 1963 in Toronto by guitarists/vocalists Les Emmerson and Vern Craig, drummer/vocalists Mike and Rick Bell, keyboard player Ted Gerow and bassist/vocalist Brian Rading. After recording "Small Town Girl" for Capitol in 1965, the group recorded a few Coke commercials that resulted in the album Wild Pair, a collaboration with the Guess Who. The Staccatos released Initially the Staccatos in 1965 and The Five Man Electrical Band three years later, and took the latter album's name for themselves beginning with 1969's "It Never Rains on Maple Lane." With the new designation, they released Goodbyes and Butterflies (1971), Coming of Age (1972), Sweet Paradise (1973) and The Power of the Five Man Electrical Band (1974). After disbanding, Les Emmerson formed the Emmerson Electrical Band and later, Blue Blood. He now records as part of Cooper, King and Emmerson.

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