Friday, February 23, 2018

VA - The Immediate Alternative

25 Track Compilation of Rare Immediate Label Tracks - Various Artists. Tracks: Circles - Les Fleur De Lys; Goin' Back - Goldie (1); She Belongs To Me - Masterminds; Baby Don't You Do It - Poets; Miranda - Excelsior Spring; In My Lonely Room - Factotums; Angeline - Warm Sounds; So Much In Love - Charles Dickens; You Stole My Love - Mockingbirds; Tell Me Have You Ever Seen Me - Apostolic Intervention; Would You Believe - Billy Nichols; Girl Don't Tell Me - Tony Rivers & The Castaways; On The Bombsite - Duncan Browne; So Come On - Les Fleur De Lys; Sticks And Stones - Warm Sounds; I'll Come Home - Poets; Great Train Robbery - Outer Limits; It - Excelsior Spring; Run In The Green And Tangerine Flaked Forest - Factotums; Our Soul Brothers - Charles Dickens; Daytime Girl - Billy Nichols; Skit Skat - Mockingbirds; Changing Of The Guard - Marquis Of Kensington; Salt Lake City - Tony Rivers & The Castaways; Taken My Love - Masterminds.

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