Friday, March 09, 2018

Hu And The Hilltops & The Sparklings (1966-1967)

Hu And The Hilltops Formed
1965, Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Fred de Wilde (vocals), Hu [Hans van Toorn, aka Ralph Anderson] (vocals), Henk van Meerbeek (drums, 1965-67), Mike Scholten (bass), Werner den Heyer (guitar, 1965-66), Cesar Zuiderwijk (drums, 1967), Roy van der Merwe [aka Roy Marley] (organ, 1966-67)
 The Sparklings Formed
1965, Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands
Ben Cramer (vocals), Rori van Ark (drums, 1965-67), Ger Belmer (organ, 1965-66), Wim Timmer (guitar, 1965-68), Ton Vos (guitar, organ, piano, 1965-69), Douwe van der Zee (bass, 1965-67), Wil Schoonenberg (bass, 1968-70), Peter Mulder (drums, 1967-71), Ron Fens (guitar, 1967-71), Bart van de Post (guitar), Henk Groenveld (keyboards, 1969-71)


  1. Hu & the Hilltops is top. Sparklings I had a very good SP but that album is not so nice. Thank you :)


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