Friday, March 30, 2018

Royal Servants - We (Elite Spezial PLPS30130) from Heimatliche Klaenge - Native Sounds Vol. 171

heimatliche klaenge - native sounds
Vol. 171
Royal Servants - We (Elite Spezial PLPS30130)

01. Work Part II
02. We
03. Someone To Be With Me
04. Latin Underground
05. Here's Where I'm Gonna Stay
06. Private Man
07. Doomsday Up To Date

08. Burnin' Region 
09. Help Me Please
10. Still I Belong
11. The Blues Comin' My Way

Royal Servants, the forerunners of the more widely known Eulenspygel, were formed by a couple of schoolboys from the town of Reichenbach in Swabia. Since 1964, they had been playing together as the Sounders, changing the name to Royal Servants in 1965. In the Summer of 1970, they decided to release an LP and the tracks were recorded in October 1970, in the tried and tested Jankowski studio, and mixed shortly afterwards. The LP was released under the title of "We" (Elite Special PLPS 30130) in an edition of probably one or two thousand copies, and has meanwhile become a quite sought-after collectors' item.

JB1 01a Burni' Region / Help me please 

RC (Royal Corporation) Records):
RC 1003 The Royal Servants Still i belong / The Blues' comin' my way
RC 1004 The Royal Servants Work Pt. II / Someone to be with



  1. Thank You, my dear Friend! And where is Heimatliche Klaenge - Native Sounds Vol. 170 ? - and what content is in this lost Volume? Thanks in advance - Beatman.

    1. Действительно интересно.... А был ли он ? У меня,во всяком случае,его нет. Вопрос лучше адресовать Jancy,я спрошу его...

  2. Thanx for this one


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