Monday, March 05, 2018

The Sunrays - Andrea (1966)

California surf band the Sunrays were organized in 1964 by producer Murry Wilson, following his dismissal as manager of his sons' group, the Beach Boys. Organized around singer/songwriter/drummer Rick Henn, a friend of Beach Boy member Carl Wilson, the lineup also included guitarists Eddie Medora and Byron Case as well as pianist Marty DiGiovanni, all three of whom previously recorded as the Snowmen. Completing their sound with bassist Vince Hozier, the Sunrays signed to the Tower label and soon issued their debut single, "Outta Gas"; its 1965 follow-up, "I Live for the Sun," was the band's breakthrough hit, reaching the U.S. Top 50. "Andrea" was an even bigger hit, serving as the title track of the group's 1966 debut LP; although "Still" was also successful, subsequent singles including "I Look Baby I Can't See" and "Hi, How Are You?" met commercial resistance, and in the wake of 1967's "Loaded with Love," the Sunrays disbanded. Henn later went on to compose material with Brian Wilson.
Managed By Murry Wilson (Father of the Beach Boys Brian, Denis and Carl Wilson).
The tracking session for "I Live for the Sun" was played by the Sunrays with the addition of Hal Blaine (on percussion). Carol Kaye, Tommy Tedesco and Ray Pohlman were overdubbed at a later session. The session was held February 11, 1965 at Western Recorders Studio 3.

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