Sunday, March 18, 2018

VA - Merseybeat - The Story Of The Liverpool 60s Sound (2CD)

The musical influence in Liverpool in the late 1950’s was British recording artist Lonnie Donegan who started the skiffle boom. It didn’t last very long as many newly formed skiffle groups turned to rock ‘n’ roll, the most well known being The Beatles who where just one of 100’s of groups performing at dance halls and ‘Jive Hives’ in and around Merseyside, the most famous being ‘The Cavern Club’ which started out as a jazz club but, after some resistance, changed over to rock ‘n’ roll. Not all clubs changed to playing this type of music, some groups played Country and Western, others went into Folk music therefore various music styles made up the ‘Mersey Sound’. Some of these groups recordings have been included on the site. There was also versatility within the groups the line-up wasn’t just a singer and backing musicians, listen to the recordings on the site different group members singing to vary the sounds produced, The Dennisons - Ray Scragge with his husky voice singing ‘Walkin’ The Dog’ is a good example of a different group members taking lead vocals.


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  2. Thank you very much, Tel, for your efforts and rare collection! Best wishes! Beatman.

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  4. same link as Brumbeat .... story of The Midlands Sound

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