Monday, April 16, 2018

The Lions - Many Sides Of Lions

Danish rock band founded 1962 as a The Shadows inspired quartet, later roughened the sound and was nicknamed "The danish Rolling Stones". Disbanded late 60's.

Jan Due (lead guitar), Børge Christiansen (drums, 1962-66), Erik Sonne (bass, 1962-63), Henning Andersen (vocals, 1962-63), Henning Gartner (rhythm guitar, 1962-63), Ole Kirketerp (bass, 1962-63), Tonny Summers [Mogens Andersen] (vocals, 1963-?), Anker Klenz (bass, 1963-?), Erling Bethnass (rhythm guitar, 1963-64), Peter Monrad (organ, 1964-66), Niels Kjær Mortensen (drums, 1966-?), Kjær Jørgen "Træfod" Christensen (rhythm guitar, 1966-67), Per "Fessor" Christensen (bass, 1966-67), Finn Tony Rasmussen (drums, 1967), Ib Nielsen (bass, vocals, 1967), Ragnar "Mersey" Gudmundson (rhythm guitar, vocals, 1967)

Many Sides of The Lions (1965)
14 Bonus Tracks

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