Wednesday, January 01, 2020

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  1. Thanks to "thetartshandbag" - he give 13 June 2018 this comments:
    Third solo album by Danny Kiwan (former guitarist with Fleetwood Mac 1968 - 1972). Sadly died Friday 8th June 2018 aged 68
    Danny Kirwan - Hello There Big Boy (1979)
    Danny Kirwan - Second Chapter (1975) - first solo album
    Will post his other two albums a.s.a.p

  2. Hi!

    THANX! For ALL the great music. Much appreciated.

    Ciao! For now.

  3. Thank You Gary ...
    Saw Fleetwood Mac many years ago ...
    With the original Band, not the poser's Nick's and such.

  4. Danny Kirwan - Midnight in San Juan (1976)
    2nd solo album.

    Danny Kirwan - Ram Jam City (2000)
    (Mooncrest 2000 – recorded in the mid-1970s as demo tracks for the Second Chapter album)

  5. Thank You, thetartshandbag, for all Danny Kirwan albums and all your efforts!

  6. Dear Gary,
    Thnak you for all the music.Fabulous, and wonderfully presented. Please let me know how I can send music to you which will be posted on this site.

    1. Hello,Paul.
      Thank you. You can leave links in this section I think this is a more democratic solution ... ;)

  7. Hello, I love your great SIDE!!! Please give a new Link for 3 older CD offers from 2015:
    CD Sampler London really swing
    CD The Typhoons & Jaybirds Two Lps on 1 Cd and Embassy Beatles Covers Thanks a lot!!!!

  8. Thanks for the Typhoons. Been visiting this site for awhile and always great selections, keep on rockin'

  9. Hello Many thanks for the Typhoons CDs!! It s great!!!
    I am searching for a long time for

    CD from Willie and the Walkers--Norman Petty Masters

    Can you perhaps help with a link??
    Thanks a lot!!!


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