Thursday, June 14, 2018

Los Bravos - Los Bravos (1966)

From Beatman:
Los Bravos - Los Bravos (1966)
Los Bravos were a Spanish beat group, formed in 1965 and based in Madrid. Their single "Black Is Black" reached No. 2 in the United Kingdom in July 1966 and No. 4 in the United States (the first Spanish group to do so), selling over a million records. Los Bravos' follow-up single, 'I Don't Care', reached no. 16 in the UK in October 1966. In 1967, the band participated in the San Remo Music Festival, failing to qualify for the final with the song "Uno come noi" in Italian. The band were the subjects of two Spanish comedic movies: in 1967 'Los chicos con las chicas' in 1968, 'Dame un poco de amooor!'  
Band members:
Michael 'Mike' Kennedy (born Michael Volker Kogel, Berlin) — vocals
Antonio Martinez (Madrid) — guitar. 
(Martinez died in a motorcycle accident en route to his recording studio.)
Manuel Fernandez (Andalucia) — electronic organ
(Manuel committed suicide on May 1968, at the age of 23, 
after the death of his bride, Lottie Rey, in an auto accident.)
Miguel Vicens Danus (Galicia) — bass guitar
Pablo Gomez (Barcelona, Catalonia) — drums
Jesus Gluck (Valencia, Spain) — electronic organ (from 1967)
Anthony 'Tony' Anderson (Accrington, Lancashire, UK) — vocals



  1. excelente muestra del rock español como propuesta al mundo del rock de esos años ...gracias


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