Sunday, August 05, 2018

Stevie Wonder - Stevie At The Beach (1964)

It's Stevie Wonder ,what more can I say...

Stevie At The Beach

"...Stevie Wonder once described this period in his musical development as embarrassing. He particularly spoke of "Harmonica Man" in this regard; an early single release, it featured a barking male backing chorus, a zippy beat, and some spirited harmonica playing and vocalizing by Stevie. "Red Sails In the Sunset" and "Beachstomp" have the same feel as "Harmonica." The slower "Castles In the Sand" also failed to scale the charts, as it's a rather dull attempt to appeal to surfers and beach hangers; the instrumental version (included) is more appealing then the vocal, since the lyrics were just too wimpy. Not one of Stevie's most sterling efforts, but it's not the embarrassment he claims either. Well...maybe for him..."

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  1. This album, I don't know from him. I am interrested.


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