Tuesday, November 06, 2018

VA - My World of Make Believe

Turned-on 32-track set of sunshine, soft and studio pop, spanning 1966 to 1972! Features David Gates, Bob Dileo, The Freshmen, The Seagulls, Don Grady, Paul Vigrass and others...

Sunshine pop from deep in the 60s underground – not the overplayed hits you'd know from oldies stations, but instead the kind of well-produced by totally obscure gems that drive the true collectors of the style! These tunes are amazing – really well-written and recorded, often with harmonies on the vocals, mixed with some psych instrumentation and sometimes set to larger arrangements – the kind of top-shelf work you'd know from big sunshine pop classics on labels like Capitol, Uni, or Warner Brothers – but much less familiar! The set's maybe the best we've seen so far on the Teensville label, and features a whopping 32 tracks in all – with titles that include "Sing To Me" by Bob Dileo, "My World Of Make Believe" by Barry Darvel, "Thinkin Bout Me" by Fairchilds, "Twiggs" by The Seagulls, "Don't Let Me Catch You In His Arms" by The Razor's Edge, "Shine A Little Light" by Bat McGrath & D Harvey Potter, "I Can't Get Nowhere With You" by Kris Jensen, "Let It Happen" by Don Grady, "I Just Haven't Got What It Takes" by Toni Scotti, "Loving Two" by Peter Courtney, "Like It Never Was" by Peter Vigrass, "It's Waiting There For You" by The Furnacemen, and "Don't Look At Me" by Frank Lyndon. ( © 1996-2018, Dusty Groove, Inc.)

Thanks Robert for this...


  1. Thanks a lot Robert.Very cute...

  2. Thank you very much

  3. Great set of rare gems thank you guys

  4. 32 songs.. Some obscure stuff!


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