Friday, June 27, 2008

Haymarket Square - Magic Lantern (1968)

Mp3 224\75 Mb
Gloria Lambert - vocalsMarc Swenson - guitar, vocalRobert Homa - bass, vocalJohn Kowalski - percussion
An Official CD reissue of this brilliant US '60s acid psych album. Trippy wah-wah fuzz guitar, Airplane like male / female vocals and superb, stoned, long jammin' tracks make this one of the best rare US psych albums. The music was recorded as a soundtrack to the Baron and Bailey Light Circus at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago....and it shows!

Originally released on the small Chaparral Records label in 1968, the "Magic Lantern" album by the Haymarket Square has been a sought after collectors item for any fan of 60's psychedelic music for many years. The music on this album was initially used as accompaniment for the Baron and Bailey Light Circus at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago but due to the intensity and psychedelic nature of the songs, it soon became legendary and its initial purpose has become obscured by time. The Haymarket Square was formed in the late sixties in Chicago by drummer John Kowalski and bassist Bob Homa formerly of The Real Things, a Chicago high school garage band. Together with guitarist Marc Swenson and vocalist Gloria Lambert, The Haymarket Square was born and quickly became popular on the Chicago music scene. The band's popularity lead them to be used as back up musicians on a live work of art exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. The music featured some powerful psychedelic, blues based songs, with heavy percussion, searing lead fuzz guitars and the dynamic vocal work of Lambert. The songs were recorded and appear on this album.The songs of The Magic Lantern, are all originals except for a superb extended cover of the blues standard , The Train-Kept-A-Rolling, shortly after the release of this album the original Haymarket Square line-up broke up. This appears to be the only recording that the band has left and they did not release any singles. Although this album has been bootlegged on the European market a number of times, this digitally mastered version on Gear Fab Records is the only authorized version.
1.Elevator (7:06) 2.The Train-Kept-A-Rollin' (7:20) 3.Ahimsa (8:14)4. Amapola (10:43) 5. Phantasmagoria (4:08)6. Funeral (9:23)

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