Monday, November 03, 2008


Information of THE BEATS I can not find
I,truth know spanish group THE SILVER BEATS - a great tribute of the Beatles by The Silver Beats from Spain
What this? The Next a mistake in name of group ?
Hardly.I think ,this group - more later time...
However music simply VERY remarkable and I`m recommend this records
And terrific sounds beatles songs on spanish!!!

With THE CANARIES all much more simply : Flying High - this is first LP great spanish prog group Los Canarios (

Los Canarios, uno de los grandes grupos del pop espaсol de la dйcada de 1960.Formados en las islas Canarias alrededor de su cantante Teddy Bautista ( )

LOS CANARIOS was a Spanish band that started playing back in the late 60's. At the beginning, they played Soul and R&B influenced music, singing mostly in English. Recorded in the Seventies, "Circlos" shows an adaptation of VIVALDI’s "Four Seasons" with a rock and Hispanic flavour.... ( )

The Canaries
Also Known As - Los Canarios, Los idolos, Los Diablos del Rock
Teddy Bautista (lead vocals, harmonica, rythmic guitar), German Perez (lead guitar, 1964-69), Tato Luzardo (drums, 1964-69), Alvaro Yebenes (bass, 1966-69, 1972), Vicente Maiquez (saxophone, 1967-72), Feliciano "Nano" Munoz (trumpet, 1967-72), Alfredo Maiquez (trombone, 1967-72), Graham Bircumshaw (keyboards, 1967-72), Pedro Ruy-Blas (vocals, 1968), Alberto Gomez (drums, 1970-71), Chimo (lead guitar, 1970-71), Lennox Holness (bass, 1970-71), Alan Richard (drums, 1972-74), Salvador Dominguez (guitars, 1972), Christian Mellies (bass, 1974), Mathias Sanveillan (keyboards, violin, 1974), Antonio Garcia de Diego (lead guitar, vocals, 1974)


Rare Spanish Beat
01 - the beats - cosas que decimos hoy02 - the beats - uno y una, dos03 - the beats - ten cuidado con mi chica04 - the beats - no te quiero ver otra vez05 - the beats - vamos esta noche a bailar06 - the beats - lloro por una sombra07 - the beats - soldier of love08 - the beats - i'll keep you satisfied09 - the beats - please don't ever change10 - the beats - bad to me11 - the beats - one after 90912 - the beats - cry for a shadow
13 - the canaries - baby don't suprise me14 - the canaries - and i'll cry again15 - the canaries - little snow ball16 - the canaries - mama's crying17 - the canaries - feeling all upset18 - the canaries - thursday19 - the canaries - you be20 - the canaries - i lost you21 - the canaries - don't stay in the wrong way22 - the canaries - only my fried23 - the canaries - i feel in love with an angel24 - the canaries - so i'll tell you goodbye



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