Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Fireballs-Torquay & Campusology (2001)


Review by Cub Koda
The Fireballs were part of producer Norman Petty's stable of talent, coming to prominence in the wake of Buddy Holly's untimely demise. Clean, crisp and spare, with a delightful Texas-Southwest flavor to their music, The Fireballs provided the only real competition to The Ventures in the early '60s. Combining two of the group's early albums onto one single disc (24 tracks in all), this provides a wonderful introduction to this largely unheralded instrumental group. (British import)
Torquay & Campusology - albums 1963 and 1966 years.
1. Torquay 2. Alone 3. Joey's Song 4. Last Date 5. Chief Woopin' Koff 6. Ringo 7. Wheels 8. Honey 9. Rawhide 10. Tuff-A-Nugg 11. Dumbo 12. Quite a Party 13. Ahhh Soul 14. Campusology 15. Daytona Drag 16. Evermore 17. Pegleg 18. Sheezburger 19. In the Mood 20. Mr. Mean 21. Mrs. Mean 22. Gently, Gently 23. Mr. Reed 24. Find Me a Golden Street

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