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Casey Jones &The Governors - Don’t Ha Ha (1964\1997)


This is his first known group. They formed in December 1959.
Brian Casser was later more known as Casey Jones.
They split in December 1960, but formed a new band.
Casser had originally led one of Liverpool's leading groups, Cass & the Cassanova's, from 1959-60. The other members of the group ousted him and became the Big Three. He moved to London in 1961 and became the manager of the Blue Gardenia club in Soho.
In 1963, after the Liverpool groups had exploded in a big way, he decided to put another group together and formed the Engineers. Clapton and McGuinness were only with the band for a few weeks and Casser brought in David Coleman and Roger Cook to replace them.
Brian Casser (vocals, guitar)
Adrian Barber (guitar)
Johnny Gustafson (bass)
Johnny Hutchinson (drums, vocals)
The Beatles did a short tour in Scotland with Johnny Gentle,
and Cass and the Cassanovas with Duffy Power.
Casey Jones & The Engineers :
In October 1963, Eric signed on with Merseybeat band, Casey Jones & The Engineers. A pop outfit, group members wore matching uniforms and confederate caps. Eric left after a few weeks of touring, but later said it helped him get his chops together.
The lineup of Casey Jones & The Engineers during Eric’s tenure was:
Brian Casser (vocals)
Eric Clapton (guitar)
Dave McCumisky (bass)
Tom McGuinness (guitar)
Ray Stock (drums)
Eric Clapton worked briefly with him in October 1963 as a sideman in The Engineers.
They only released one single in Britain before moving to Germany where they proved more popular under the name Casey Jones and the Governors, having several chart entries and recording two LP's for the Gold 12 label.
Casey Jones &The Governors :
Casey Jones [Brian Casser] (vocals),
Dave McCumisky (bass),
Tom McGuinness (guitar),
Ray Stock (drums), Ray Smith (drums),
David Coleman (guitar),
Roger Cook (bass)

1 Don't Ha Ha 2:07
2 Love Potion No. 9 2:06
3 Micky's Monkey 3:06
4 Parchman Farm 2:56
5 Slow Down 3:09
6 Too Much Monkey Business 2:29
7 Sounds Like Locomotion 1:52
8 Dizzy Miss Lizzy 2:06
9 Talking 'Bout You 2:05
10 Do the Dog 2:50
11 Can't Judge a Book 2:38
12 So Long Baby 4:28
13 Jack the Ripper 3:04
14 Nashville Special 2:30
15 One Way Ticket 2:49
16 I'm Gonna Love 2:04
17 Tall Girl 2:04
18 Blue Tears 2:49
19 Don't Ha Ha [First Version] 2:03
20 Long Gone Train 2:38
21 Candy Man 2:20
22 Tallahassee Lassie 2:26
23 So Long Baby [Mono Single Mix] 4:27
24 Bumble Bee [German Version] 2:21
25 Rootin Tootin Baby 2:33
26 Yockomo [Mono Single Mix] 2:34
27 Baby Why Did You Say Goodbye 2:32
28 Little Girl 3:08
29 A Legal Matter 2:55

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