Monday, June 29, 2009

The Overlanders - Michelle (1963-66)



Paul Arnold - guitar/vocals (born Paul Friswell)
Laurie Mason - piano/vocals
Peter Bartholomew - guitar/vocals
Terry Widlake - bass
David Walsh - drums

The Overlanders were a highly underrated group whose history took them from the prime years of the British Invasion into the Summer of Love -- their one U.K. hit -- a chart-topping British single of the Lennon-McCartney song "Michelle" -- usually gets them pegged as a cover band, while their origins as a folk group specializing in harmony vocals often gets them lumped in with Silkie, the Ivy League, and other vocal ensembles. And their being put into Castle Records' sunshine pop series Ripples also gives the group a slightly lighter-weight veneer than they deserve. Their actual sound was a beautifully wrought synthesis of folk-inspired vocals and Merseybeat-style harmonies, rhythms, and instrumentation -- they were comparable, in ...Read More...

1 Michelle 2:25
2 Call of the Wild 3:09
3The Leaves Are Falling 2:25
4 Freight Train 2:45
5 Gone the Rainbow 2:33
6 Summer Skies and Golden Sands 2:35
7 Don't It Make You Feel Good 2:06
8 January 2:19
9 Take the Bucket to the Well 1:59
10 Walking the Soles Off My Shoes 2:39
11 Room Enough for You and Me 2:10
12 Yesterday's Gone 2:14
13 Cradle of Love 2:43
14 My Life 2:25
15 Girl from Indiana 2:44
16 Go Where You Wanna Go 2:26
17 Don't Let It Happen Again 2:19




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