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Golden Earrings - Singles 1965-1967

1965 was a crucial year for the Golden Earrings. During one of their gigs they are discovered by Fred Haayen, a student who works in the depot of record company Polydor. Haayen manages to get them a record deal with Polydor and will later becomes the band's producer. The group releases its full-length debut Just Earrings. The first single is Please Go, which shoots straight to number 10. The release of the next single, Lonely Everyday, is being postponed when it is discovered that the title of the single's b-side, Not To Find, is grammatically incorrect.

The next year starts with a Top 3 hit for the single That Day. The Golden Earrings now spearhead the blooming beat scene in their hometown The Hague, also known as Liverpool by the North Sea, because of the many Dutch beat groups (Q65, Shocking Blue, the Motions) the city has brought forward. Other hits for the Earrings this year include If You Leave Me, Daddy Buy Me A Girl and Don't Run Too Far. Shortly before the release of the album Winter Harvest guitarist De Ronde leaves the band. Shortly after the release of Winter Harvest Frans Krassenburg leaves the band. He is replaced by Barry Hay (formerly the Haigs) who had shortly before that turned down an offer to join Shocking Blue. Sound Of The Screaming Day is another big hit in 1967.

1. Please Go - (studio)
2. Chunk of Steel - (studio)
3. Lonely Everyday - (studio)
4. That Day - (studio)
5. Words I Need - (studio)
6. If You Leave Me - (studio)
7. Waiting For You - (studio)
8. Daddy Buy Me a Girl - (studio)
9. What You Gonna Tell - (studio)
10. Don't Run Too Far - (studio)
11. Wings - (studio)
12. In My House - (studio)
13. Smoking Cigarettes - (studio)
14. Dream - (studio)
15. There Will Be a Tomorrow - (studio)
16. Call Me - (studio)
17. Sound of the Screaming Da - (studio)
18. She Won't Come to Me - (studio)
19. Together We Live, Together - (studio)
20. I Wonder- Preview (Togeth - (studio)

Before they embraced the prog-informed arena rock sound that led to their international hit "Radar Love" in 1974, Netherlands-based Golden Earring was a Beatlesque pop outfit with a jangly sound and songs that turned on harmonies and pure melody. This generous 20-song set collects their early singles (1965 to 1967) and for those only familiar with "Radar Love," it will no doubt be quite revelatory. Songs here like their first Dutch hit, "Please Go," "That Day," "Words I Need," the gorgeous "If You Leave Me," the equally gorgeous "Call Me," and the lively "Dream" sound like harder rocking versions of the Help!-era Beatles, and this early portion of Golden Earring's legacy stands quite nicely on its own merits. ~ Steve Leggett

Import exclusive compilation featuring 20 tracks, 'Please Go', 'Chunk Of Steel', 'Lonely Everyday', 'That Day', 'The Words I Need', 'If You Leave Me', 'Waiting For You', 'Daddy Buy Me A Girl', 'What You Gonna Tell', 'Don't Run Too Far', 'Wings', 'In My House', 'Smoking Cigarettes', 'Dream', 'There Will Be A Tomorrow', 'Call Me', 'Sound Of The Screaming Day', 'She Won't Come To Me', 'Together We Live, Together We Love' & 'I Wonder'.

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