Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Outsiders (Cleveland) - Capitol Collector's Series


Chances are that, despite their having come from Cleveland, OH -- and, thus, having a certain home field advantage -- the Outsiders will never be considered for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Bands with just two big hits ("Time Won't Let Me," "Respectable") and a history mostly confined to AM radio in the '60s don't seem to rate that kind of recognition. But if any two-hit, dance-oriented band from the '60s ever deserved a crack at being voted in, the Outsiders do, simply based on the quality of their work over three years and four albums. The Outsiders started life as the Starfires, a hard-working popular local band in Cleveland founded by guitarist/singer Tom King in 1958. By 1965, the group had decided to add more vocals to its repertory, adding lead singer ... Read More...

01 - Time Won't Let Me
02 - Was It Really Real?
03 - Girl In Love
04 - What Makes You So Bad (You Weren't Brought Up That Way)
05 - Chase Away The Tears
06 - Respectable
07 - Lost In My World
08 - Backwards, Upsidedown!
09 - Lonely Man
10 - Oh! How It Hurts
11 - Since I Lost My Baby
12 - Help Me Girl
13 - You Gotta Look
14 - I'm Not Tryin' To Hurt You
15 - I'll Give You Time (To Think It Over)
16 - Don't Take Your Heartaches Out On Me
17 - Gotta Leave Us Alone
18 - I Just Can't See You Anymore
19 - I'll See You In The Summertime
20 - And Now You Want My Sympathy
21 - Little Bit Of Lovin'
22 - We Ain't Gonna Make It
23 - Why Shouldn't I Have A Cry Now
24 - Think I'm Falling
25 - Loving You

Although they really only had a three-year recording career, Cleveland's the Outsiders managed at least two enduring pop hits, 1966's "Time Won't Let Me" and "Respectable," and churned out four fairly decent albums for Capitol Records, each of which shows a sharply defined garage pop sound with artful use of horns and other suitable arrangement effects. This set has everything essential, including the above hits and near misses like "Girl in Love."


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