Sunday, February 13, 2011

After Tea - National Disaster (1968) Netherlands

After Tea, from The Hague, was formed when keyboardist Hans van Eijck left the Tee-Set. He was joined by Ray Fenwick and Polle Eduard.
After Tea’s trademark was a poppy flower power sound.
Just after the band’s debut album “ National Disaster” was released van Eijck returned to the Tee-Set and Ray Fenwick returned to England to join the Spencer Davis group, replacing Steve Winwood. He was replaced by Ferry Lever.
Drummer Martin Hahe left the band and was replaced by Pierre van der Linden (later drummer of Focus) and later on by Ilja Gort.
The album “ National Disaster” was released in Germany as “ Bubblegum Beat Party”.
Keyboardist Uly Grun (ex-Boots) joined the band for the album “ Joint House Blues”. The sound moved towards progressive hard rock. The commercial success stopped from that moment and soon the band broke up.

Hans van Eijck (composer, keyboard, vocals), Martin Hage (drums), Polle Eduard (bass, guitar, vocals), Ray Fenwick (guitar, vocals), Ferry Lever (guitar, vocals), Ilja Gort (drums), Pierre van der Linden (drums), Uly Grьn (keyboards) 

1. After Tea - After Tea (3:02)
2. After Tea - Gotta Get You in My Garden Gir (2:52)
3. After Tea - A Lot to Do (2:03)
4. After Tea - Not Just a Flower in Your Hair (2:41)
5. After Tea - In the Land of the Bubblegum T (2:12)
6. After Tea - I'll Push You For An Answer (2:10)
7. After Tea - Don't Waste Your Love on Me (1:27)
8. After Tea - National Disaster (2:04)
9. After Tea - Long Ago (3:59)
10. After Tea - The Time Is Nigh (3:26)
11. After Tea - Play That Record (4:44)
12. After Tea - Been a Sad Day (2:52)
13. After Tea - It's Too Late (2:29)
14. After Tea - Lemon Coloured Honey Tree (3:49)
15. After Tea - Peruquine Thomas (2:04)
16. After Tea - A Little Bit Today (a Little B (3:48)

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