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"Collection from many different sources, many old blogs that I canno't remember.

To part for Chad & Geremy and Bee Gees various of these are saved from podcast,
not Hi Quality but they seem of good rarity, for this cause some are in m4a,
please I have not had the time to convert. Take they as they are.

They're from USA and other parts of the world, there are some influences of folk-punk
and some are more Rubber soul influenced that exactly mersey.Australia, Canada, Germany, Philipine, UK and many USA merseys for you.

Maybe the euro-garage is more creative but US's bands was very monsters,
for example the Down Children with "I Can Tell" hard fuzz guitar solo
break the merseys vocals, monster for me. Mersey gems for the Ferraris Of Canada,
the Echoes and Daryl Quist.
Mersey and mersey monsters from Germany, Canada, Japan, New Zeland, UK and USA.
Good listening." ~ Unknown autor


Actioneers - It's You (Houston, Texas USA)
Aggregation - You lied to me (New York, USA)
Beatmen - Safely Arrived (Bratislava, Czechoslovakia) 
Bee Gees - In My Own Time (Australia)
Berries - What In The World (Albuquerque, New Mexico USA)
Birdwatchers - Can I Do It (from film 'Wild Rebels', Daytona Beach, Florida USA) 
Birdwatchers - I Have No Worried Mind (Daytona Beach, Florida USA) 
Boll Weevils - My Bonnie (UK) 
Briks - Baby, let me take you home (Dallas, Texas USA) 
Brothers Grim - You'll Never Be Mine (Los Angeles, California USA)
Buggs - Buggs vs. Beatles (I Want To Hold Your Hand) (Omaha, Nebraska USA)
Carnabeats - Give Me Lovin' (Japan) 
Carter Lewis & The Southerners - Easy To Cry (UK)
Cellar Dwellers - Bad Day (Fort Worth, Texas USA) 
Centuries - yeah, It's alright (USA?)
Chad & Jeremy - Truth Often Hurts The Heart (UK)
Chessmen - See the Little Girl (Washington USA)
Chevelle V - I'm sorry girl (Abilene, Texas USA) 
Chris Curtis - Aggravation (ex-Searchers, UK)
Clefs of Lavender Hill - Stop-Get a Ticket (Miami, Florida USA) 
Cowsills - And the Next Day Too (USA, 1° Single) 
Critters - Georgianna (Plainfield, New Jersey USA)


D-Coys - You're Against (Adelaide, Australia)
Daryl Quist - When She Comes To You (UK)
Dave Gordon & His Rebel Guys - Call Me (Berlin, Germany)
Dino, Desi & Billy - I'm A Fool (USA)
Disraeli - Say You Love Me (Portland, Oregon USA)
Down Children - I Can Tell (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA)
Downliner's Sect - Fortune Teller (UK) 
Downliner's Sect - Hey, Hey, Hey (UK) 
Echoes - Every Second of the Day (South Florida USA)
Eddie Peregrina & The Blinkers - Blue Eyes (Philipine '60s) 
English Setters - Someday You'll See (Arlington, Virginia USA) 
Fabulous Pack - Wide tracking (Detroit, Michigan, USA)
Ferraris Of Canada - (All I Ever Want Is) Girls (Canada)
Florida Deep Six - I Don't Wanna Cry (Jacksonville, Florida USA)
Floyd Dakil Four - Bad Boy (Texas USA) 
Fortels - Merry-go-round (Niles, Ohio USA) 
Fugitives - Come On Now (Sacramento, California USA)


Gents Five - Straight Shooter (Miami, Florida USA) 
German Bonds - So Mystifying (Hamburg, Germany) 
Gloomy Moon Singers - Keep On Dancing (Berlin, Germany' 65) 
Golden Cups - Do You Know I Love You (Japan)
Golden Cups - Love Is My Life (Japan) 
Golden Cups - This Bad Girl (Japan)
Great Scots - Don't Want Your Love (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
Great Scots - Give Me Lovin' (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) 
Groop Ltd. - As time goes by (Rochester, New York USA) 
Guv'ners - Let's Make A Habit Of This (UK) 
Headstones - My kind of girl (McAllen, Texas USA)  
Heard - Laugh with the wind (Rochester, New York USA) 
Heinz & The Wild Boys - Diggin' my potatoes (Bradford UK) 
Hides - When I See the One I Love (Pennsylvania USA) 
Hollies - Come On Back (USA) 
Honeycombs - Have I The Right (London, UK) 
Hullabaloos - I'm Gonna Love You Too (UK) 
Jack London & the Sparrows - I'll Be the Boy (Oshawa, Ontario, Canada) 
John Deen & The Trakk - Your Whole Life Through (Scotland, UK) 
Johnny Devlin & The Detours - Sometimes (New Zealand) 
Johnny Sandon & The Remo Four - Lies (Liverpool, UK) 
Jokers Wild - All I See Is You (Minneapolis, Minnesota USA) 


Mersey from Denmark, Hong Kong, UK and USA.
Also this time many ways to elaborate the mersey. 

L.A. Teens - You'll Come Running Back (Los Angeles, California USA) 
Lancastrians - Was She Tall (UK) 
Liverpool Beats - Big Bad John (UK) 
Lollipops - Do You Know (Denmark) 
Lotus - Spoonfull of Sugar (Hong Kong) 
Maundy Quintet - I'm Not Alone (Gainesville, Florida USA) 
Meteors - Anytime (Copenhagen, Denmark) 
Mike Sheridan's Lot - Take My Hand (Birmingham UK) 
Monterays - I'll Be Around (USA) 
Mouse & The Traps - Promises, Promises (Tyler, Texas USA) 
Only Ones - Find a Way (Michigan USA) 
Only Ones - You're the Reason (Michigan USA) 
Paddy, Klaus & Gibson - Hey, Teresa (UK) 
Palace Guard - Falling Sugar (Los Angeles, California USA) 
Paul & Barry Ryan - I Love How You Love Me (UK) 
Puddin' Heads - You Don't Have To Be Lonely (Los Angeles, California USA) 


Nederland, UK and USA for this time.

An particularity, the Rocking Vickers features Lemmy Kilmster
the leader of the future Motorhead!

Rave Ons - Love Pill (Minnesota USA) 
Ravens - I Believed You (London, UK) 
Remo Four - I Know A Girl (UK) 
Ricochettes - I don't want you (Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA) 
Rockets - Bel De Juiste Man (Nederland) 
Rocking Berries - The Water (Birmingham UK) 
Rocking Vickers - It's Alright (feat. Lemmy Kilmyster, UK) 
Roemans - Don't (Tampa Bay, Florida USA) 
Roemans - Listen to Me (Tampa Bay, Florida USA) 
Roulettes - Bad Time (Hertfordshire UK) 
Rupert & The Red Devils - It's For You (UK) 
Score - Please, Please Me (UK) 
Scorpions - Ann Louise (Manchester UK) 
Scribes - Just Last Night (Charlotte, North Carolina USA) 
Scribes - Wishes (Charlotte, North Carolina USA) 
Sheffields - Nothing I can do (Holland, Miami USA) 
Sir Raleigh & The Coupons - White Cliffs Of Dover (Seattle, Washington USA) 
Soul Survivors - Can't Stand to be in Love with You (Denver, Colorado USA) 
Sprauge Brothers - Come Back Baby (USA) 
Syndicate Of Sound - Rumors (San Jose, California USA)


Last part. Mersey from Australia, Canada, Iceland, UK and USA.

Takers - If You Don't Come Back (Liverpool, UK) 
Thor's Hammer - Ertu Med (Keflavik, Iceland) 
Thor's Hammer - If You Knew ('Ertu Med' english version, Keflavik, Iceland) 
Tommy Quickly & The Remo Four - Kiss Me Now (Liverpool, UK) 
Tommy Quickly & The Remo Four - The Wildside Of Life (Liverpool, UK) 
Tony Jackson & The Vibrations - Bye, Bye Baby (London, UK) 
Tony Jackson & The Vibrations - Stage Door (London, UK) 
Tony Jackson Group - She Wanted Me (London, UK) 
Tony Sales & The Tigers - When The Party's Over (USA) 
Tony Worsley & the Blue Jays - Just A Little Bit (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) 
Trends - All My Loving (Liverpool, UK) 
Turtles - Makin' My Mind Up (USA) 
Twilights - If She Finds Out (Adelaide, South Australia, Australia) 
Ugly Ducklings - That's Just The Thought I Had In My Mind (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) 
Undertakers - Everybody Loves A Lover (Liverpool, UK) 
Undertakers - Just A Little Bit(Liverpool, UK) 
Wackers - Love Or Money (Manchester, UK) 
Wackers - The Girl Who Wanted Fame (Manchester, UK) 
Weavils - Here I Am In Love Again (Houston, Texas USA) 
Wild Things - Love Comes Love Goes (Danville, Illinois USA) 
Young Alley Cats - Since She's Been Gone (USA) 


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