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The Zephyrs - The Zephyrs (1963-1965)

The obscure British Invasion band formed in London in 1961 as Johnny Saville and the Clee-Shays, then became The Zephyrs in 1963. They are NOT related to the group from Stockton on Tees (that band later changed its name to The Zephrons). Jerry Donahue later played with Fairport Convention and the reformed Yardbirds, while Peter Gage played with The Ram Jam Band and Vinegar Joe. Zephyrs released half-a-dozen singles between 1963 and 1965 without any notable success; the only one to make the U.K. charts, "She's Lost You," topped out at a mere Number 48.

They were a decent group, though, mixing Merseybeat and R&B influences in different ratios, with an organ that made them a little similar to some other mid-1960s British rock bands with a mildly blues-jazz organ, like the Untamed.

They also worked with a couple of important figures of British '60s rock, those being producer Shel Talmy (far more famous for producing the Who and the Kinks in the same period) and then-session guitarist Jimmy Page who played on some of their tracks, including their best, a ferocious cover of Bo Diddley's "I Can Tell".

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. I've looked for it for a long time. There is one thing wrong tho, the #5 song is same as #1. I've been unable to find it anywhere, but there is the alternate version #9 "Let me love you baby". Do you have any way of getting the #5 orig version of Let me love you baby? Thank you.

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