Friday, June 14, 2019

Girls with Guitars (Take Over!) 60's

A deluxe vinyl-only collection of guitar-toting all-girl bands, drop-dead female frat rock and axe-centric she-pop. Pressed on 180 Gram mandarin-coloured vinyl in heavy-duty sleeve, with a swanky inner bag sporting a fact-filled 3500-word note and many rare photos. The eye-grabbing front cover features a great shot of Girls Take Over (sisters Cindy, Rinie and Wendy Wilhelmi and their pal Geri Gibson), who open the show with their fabulously raw and pounding version of Hi Heel Sneekers, recorded in “some guy’s attic” in Milwaukee circa 1969. Other highlights include the jangly He’s Not There Anymore by the teenage Chymes from the suburbs of Los Angeles, Little Latin Lupe Lu by genre favourites the Debutantes of Detroit, and Karen Verros’ much-prized freakbeat bauble You Just Gotta Know My Mind. Compilation and notes by garage girl nuts Mick Patrick and Matt Meek.

This 12-track collection of guitar-toting all-girl bands, drop-dead female frat rock, and axe-centric she-pop features Karen Verros’ eccentric freakbeat, the jangly pop of the teenage Chymes, and the raw garage mastery of Girls Take Over.




  1. Thank you for another Girls With Guitars opus. It's always a great pleasure these garage girls groups.


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