Monday, April 27, 2020

Singing TV Stars of the 60's (Lockdown)

32 Fantastic Teen & Rock "n" Roll Rarities, All Recorderd By TV & Movie Stars Of the Early 1960's.

"Dobie" LP - Dwayne Hickman On Capitol -1960

1. Bad Reputation

2. Don't Send A Rabbit

3. A Most Impossible Dream

4. My Personality

5. Angel

6, I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter

7. I Pass Your House

8. Don't Shoot The Man in The Moon

9. Mirror, Mirror

10. Slow Down The Hours

11. Imagine

12. Forest Full Of Love

Bob Conrad - Complete Warner Brothers Recordings

13. I Want you, Pretty Baby

14. Ballin' The Jack

15. Bye Bye Baby

16. Love You Baby

17. Keep It Up

18. Noah's Ark

19. I Just Gotta Have You

20. The Great Magician

21. Cindy Is Gone

22. Again

Bonus Tracks - The Friends

23. Jack Larson - Do Yourself A Favour

24. Jack Larson - Back To School Blues

25. Michael Landon - Without You

26. Michael Landon - Linda Is Lonesome

27. Tim Considine - What Do Little Girls Dream Of

28. Jerry Mathers - Don't Cha Cry

29. Troy Donahue - Live Young

30. Clint Eastwood - Unknown Girl Of My Dreams

31. Don Grady - A Broken Heart Knows Better

32. Dean Jones - The Proud Don't Cry


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