Sunday, January 10, 2021

VA - Czech Up! Vol 1 - Chain Of Fools (Supraphon 1966–1978 )

First volume of Vampisoul's new series "Czech Up!", which compiles 60s and 70s gems from the vaults of the Supraphon and Panton labels from the former Czechoslovakia. Freakbeat, fuzz-soul, pop, jazz-funk, garage rock, psych… all that and more is contained within these 25 tracks, wonderfully produced and now carefully remastered, many of them never reissued before. Includes detailed liner notes by Lukaš Machata. "Czech Up! Vol 1" highlights a collection of tracks that were originally released in Czechoslovakia between 1966 and 1978 on the Supraphon and Panton labels. Several psychedelic freakbeat favourites were chosen by Vampisoul's Inigo Munster, whereas the regular associate and expert on Czechoslovak music, Lukaš Machata of the "Funky Czech-in" website at, has selected a variety of grooving soul, jazz and pop nuggets. Lukaš Machata - a longtime sound engineer and graphic designer - is also responsible for the carefully processed digital remasters and for the retro-style cover artwork. And so the compilation's huge range goes from the never reissued fuzz-soul of Komety and the lush downtempo disco by Bezinky, to the Afro-influenced pop hit of Eva Pilarova and the fierce Jazz Cellula funk, over to Gondolan Brothers' Gypsy beat introducing Jitka Zelenkova, to the frantic garage rock with Blue Eect, Flamengo and George & Beatovens, through to schlager music star Karel Gott's atypical R&B outing and to Mahagon's hypnotic fusion jazz-funk, up to the arousing 'Barbarella' interpretation by the incomparable idol Waldemar Matuška. We're commemorating well known classics by the Golden Kids supergroup comprising Vaclav Neckar, Marta Kubišova and Helena Vondrackova, by the accomplished vocal acrobat Karel Cernoch with his Stevie Wonder cover version, or by Michal Prokop's confidently soulful Framus Five combo. We've dug out undeservedly neglected bijoux by the graceful Helena Bleharova with the Gustav Brom Orchestra, the almost avant-gardist Petr & Jan Spaleny from Apollobeat, the ex-Matadors shouter Viktor Sodoma, the sympathetic Pavel Novak & his Vox group, the trumpet virtuoso Vaclav Tyfa with Josef Vobruba's all-star jazz-rock ensemble Konstelace, the studio group Discobolos, the extravagant Josef Laufer & Their Majesties, by the enigmatic Bluesmen, and by jazzman Karel Ružicka with the Ferdinand Havlik Orchestra. Last but not least, we're also presenting teaser tracks from our upcoming retrospective albums by the funky Flamingo group featuring Petr Nemec with "lady soul" Marie Rottrova, and by the psychedelic pop band Atlantis fronted by the siblings Hana & Petr Ulrych. We have grooves you can dance to, songs you can chill to, breaks you can rap to, or simply 25 tracks you should listen to. So… czech up, and get down!

01. Komety - Chain of Fools [03:00] 
02. Pavel Novak & Vox - Kocici kral Felix [03:01] 
03. Flamingo - Zlom vaz [03:48] 
04. Discobolos - Kyvadlo [02:58] 
05. Golden Kids - Nestuj a pojd (u nas mame mejdan) [03:09] 
06. Helena Bleharova - Zavrat [03:28] 
07. Karel Cernoch - Uz tu nesmim zustat (Uptight, Everything's Alright) [02:15] 
08. Bezinky - Jedeme dal [03:28] 
09. Petr Spaleny - Lesni vila [03:00] 
10. Flamengo - Poprava blond holky [04:34] 
11. Blue Effect - Blue Taxi [02:38] 
12. Vaclav Tyfa - Loutna ceska: Domaci vojna mezi telem a dusi [03:38] 
13. Atlantis - Nikdy nebudu tva [02:11] 
14. Eva Pilarova - Leto, leto [02:09] 
15. Viktor Sodoma - Vysoka hra [03:22] 
16. Jazz Cellula - Polobotka [04:47] 
17. Josef Laufer & Their Majesties - Utek z hladomorny [02:30] 
18. Framus Five - Around and Around [02:46] 
19. Jitka Zelenkova & The Gondolan Brothers - Ja nechci mit [02:07] 
20. George & Beatovens - Lez blazniveho basnika [02:37] 
21. The Bluesmen - Story o velke lasce [03:26] 
22. Karel Gott - I've Never Been So Young [03:16] 
23. Ferdinand Havlik - Orchestra Beat [03:12] 
24. Mahagon - Ve svetle petrolejky [03:33] 
25. Waldemar Matuska - Barbarella (An Angel Is Love) [03:31] 


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