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The British /60s Mike Pender's Searchers, Gerry And The Pacemakers /

  This CD  are re-recordings form later years!!!

Throughout the History of popular music and in particular the 'Swinging Sixties' the charts have been dominated by Groups. These inevitably produced a front man, usually with a distinctive vocal style that became that Group's signature. The Searchers were one such Sixties Group. Sweeping to fame in 1963 with their first recording 'Sweets for my Sweet' which was the first of three No.1 hits, followed by no less than four more chart hits. Voted second only to the Beatles in 1964, The Searchers became a household name on both sides of the Atlantic.

After the first two hits, one man emerged as the creator of The Searchers sound that was to become a legend. The man responsible for those highly distinctive vocals and that 'Jangly' 12-string guitar is Mike Pender. Today the sounds of the sixties are as popular as ever. Mike Pender's Searchers still travel the UK and many continents singing, playing and creating that distinctive sound which has become a legend in popular music.


TB6 01-mike_penders_searchers-sweets_for_my_sweet
TB6 02-mike_penders_searchers-take_it_or_leave_it
TB6 03-mike_penders_searchers-goodbye_my_love
TB6 04-mike_penders_searchers-walk_in_the_room
TB6 05-mike_penders_searchers-dont_throw_your_love_away
TB6 06-mike_penders_searchers-take_me_for_what_im_worth
TB6 07-mike_penders_searchers-needles_and_pins
TB6 08-mike_penders_searchers-sugar_and_spice-
TB6 09-mike_penders_searchers-what_have_they_done_to_the_rain
TB6 10-mike_penders_searchers-someday_were_gonna_love_again-
TB6 11-gerry_and_the_pacemakers-how_do_you_do_it-
TB6 12-gerry_and_the_pacemakers-ferry_across_the_mersey
TB6 13-gerry_and_the_pacemakers-youll_never_walk_alone
TB6 14-gerry_and_the_pacemakers-its_still_rock_and_roll
TB6 15-gerry_and_the_pacemakers-roll_over_beethoven
TB6 16-gerry_and_the_pacemakers-unchained_melody
TB6 17-gerry_and_the_pacemakers-imagine
TB6 18-gerry_and_the_pacemakers-running_man
TB6 19-gerry_and_the_pacemakers-just_the_way_you_are-
TB6 20-gerry and the pacemakers - don't let the sun catch You Crying

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  3. Interestingly, Mike Pender played for the Searchers, Mike Pinder played keyboards (incl one of the first mellotrons) for the Moody Blues.

    Thanks a lot for this!!!


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